thursday 06/11/2014

And game modes..?


wednesday 05/11/2014

Mainly common attack: 42 attack... Did 100 fights.. Thats the most common. Try to top it

I think I go for Uppers but not Jackie CR and I pick an other card. Thanks guys

Or even freaks to create some formidable life gaps

tuesday 04/11/2014

About my previous reply:
The art is at

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It is cool thinking of her as Greem's inverse twin. I never thought of her that way before.

monday 03/11/2014


ok basically i built this for survivor but i would like some feedback on it.

i can get few 100k clintz for any changes but not massive CR's over 1m lmao

Dude... This forum is a general forum but that doesn't mean that it is literally everything - this sort of thing is for guild forums

@0 Chezz
@dizzzyy {RW}

Thanks guys, especially dizzzyy, it's really an insight and pretty relevant to the current meta.
Will try it out and hope for success!
Thanks again! smiley

Look he just pointed out a good way ^ , lets kidnap jamox and take his luck smiley

Ios or Android. They haven't rolled it out on browsers yet.

sunday 02/11/2014

Thanks for the cardsmiley

How about +10 daily clintz per member log in toward a guild treasury. Guild members could even donate to said treasury. Donations could comprise of clintz and/or cards. Any sum of a treasury could then be issued as rewards or prizes.

An old friend of mine once told me how many matches id need to increase my fair play rating,unfortunately,i never asked him what the math required to get that was.

So there is a way to find out,apparently,i just dont know how lol.

saturday 01/11/2014

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