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tuesday 08/06/2010

Come on and all to the Best of the Best event to find out who is the best clan in Clint City. Ten members per group fighting to see who's the best with their favorite clan, and the best user of that clan shall face the best user of the other clans to find out which clan is the best clan in Clint City.


monday 07/06/2010

Hello, my friends, in comemoration of my 10.000 victorys, I have maked the third edition of my biggest event: the greatest event 3

Look the event in this link:

The Greatest Event 3 The renew of times

Thanks a lot!

Sounds like a great idea, though it would be quite the undertaking for one person to manage, unless if you have the time to do it all yourself. If you could find different people to moderate the individual country qualifiers that could make it easier to execute. Though there is the possibility that some countries may not have enough to form a 10 man team. And there is also the chance that people may falsify their country or try to enter multiple qualifiers. But it sounds like a nice idea, especially if the prizes were epic enough for a world tourney of that level.

sunday 06/06/2010


come and join nice prizes

Close . i fail with this smiley

Anyone can win with expensive overpowered cards

Not when the other guy is spamming the very same so-called "expensive overpowered cards"....

saturday 05/06/2010

Ridiculous deck building for event.Pretty much any time you get billy bob you get to win easy

friday 04/06/2010

thursday 03/06/2010

Still looking for more participants!!!!smiley

Join Now! : http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=26616


wanting to finish your missions and at the same time want to join a lottery were almost everyone is entitled to win?.. then you've just opened one of the world's greatest event ever to happen..

wednesday 02/06/2010

2 more days left

2 more days left

This week's prize is Toro.


Its a Nice Simple Lotto. Zinx donated a few prizes and set this up. Open to Everybody so join! It's cheap entry! It ends on July 6, and I'm PST so a little bit behind some of you in Time Zones. More Donations should let make more people join. And Spread the Word! Tell Everyone about this! Post in your Guild, message your friends, message strangers, message your dog!

Pick any clan you want and you must use this mono clan the whole game to face people with other type 2 decks with different clans and see what clan rules over them all!

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