sunday 25/04/2010

Hai hie,
i made an event for pill manipulators
it's elo format and there must be
1.5 pill manipulation cards in ur deck
i wish you all to join this
Donations are welcomed and greatly appropriated
thank you mods ur doing a great jobsmiley

I'll recreated in the near future. For right now the event is canceled.

saturday 24/04/2010

I think you find more players if you write the event in english- as you wont 100 player, you need to give player all around a globe smiley

friday 23/04/2010

The party begins on April 28th!!! Come and join the fun smiley

thursday 22/04/2010

All lottos are over thanks everyone that joined.

Congrats on ur first event!!

tuesday 20/04/2010

All of you were right. And the most accurate answer was by FAST IS FUN

Few tips -
- you need to use unique 5* ELO banned cards to access Type 2 room
- you cannot use ELO banned cards by players
- General Cr cannot KO opponent, because it would not have bonus (there is no second 5* ELO banned card in La Junta)
- I killed my opponent (playing All Stars) with Kolos + Furry (50 attack), opponent uses Randy + 6 pillz = 49 attack smiley
- I lost about 2500 exp finding my opponent. (Fight -> able to kill with Kolos in 1st round -> leave and lose 20 points) ... BTW - I dont understand why is Kolos ELO banned - almost everyone had response !!

10 players joined so far. the prize allocation

1st = 40% - random lvl 20+ player
1st = 35% - random lvl 10-20 player
2nd = 12% - random lvl 20+ player
2nd = 8% - random lvl 10-20 player
5% - Kate

If by the end of the lottery there are less than 5 lvl 10 -20 players in the lottery, the prize allocation will have to be altered.
1st place = 70% of jackpot.
2nd place = 15% of jackpot
3rd place = 10% of jackpot.
5% to Kate
As of now, there are no lvl 10-20 players

monday 19/04/2010

Just ended. as a special prize for those who joined i threw in a hawkins noel for everyone that joined. its small, but hey does anyone give all there players a prize....

sunday 18/04/2010

Clintz are a very good prize


saturday 17/04/2010

Why are you all confused? Diego is imbalanced card - that's the reason.

Lol, only 8 spots left guys, this should be a good event

friday 16/04/2010

thursday 15/04/2010

When's the next one

tuesday 13/04/2010

Only 1 has joined so far

This event is for my friend lion blaze x since he is leaving UR a simple lotto for a simple reason for and awsome person Goodbye lion -KingsshadowX

Its a 100 clint entry fee its also a lottery

The Last Words Of The Lion

monday 12/04/2010

Join until wednesday smiley

Lottery 500 for 50000 clintz

entrance: 500 clintz

price: 1º 100% (-5% for kate)

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