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sunday 27/06/2010

I've seen a similar puzzle... but I must of read it wrong and still got it right. smiley

To join or not to join....That is the question.

Now I shall give you the answer and that answer is..

JOIN!! Still a lot of spots open and lots of clans needing someone to help them win.

I was once in a Lotto and got first but never was awarded anything... and it was like 10K...

I cannot believe, in a few days, The Strong Ones will turn 1 year old.Here is the link to the event deleted

saturday 26/06/2010

You forgot a Tag .
This is gonna be deleted

We need 5 or 9 more players. Players have a chance to double up the amount they paid. Join now.

thursday 24/06/2010

Alright heres the deal. those of us who enter with 5k budget decks will be judged and rated by a judge ( hopefully a moderator). then i will replicate the winning deck and raffle it off to a later group of contestants under level 20.
hence, those of us who enter decks will not win anything but knowing their deck is the best 5k budget deck in the contest. this is solely for the benefit of the newer players and i and anybody else who may want to help form this will not make benefit in any way.

this is a good idea that will help someone less fortunate then others. if a level forty would like to make this an event ( if its possible) ur welcome to volunteer.

tuesday 22/06/2010

Can you make the cheapest and most successful ELO deck scoring 1200 (no Rescue-clan)? A Terry Cr is waiting for you if you can.

Depending on the amount of players who will participate up to 4 players can be jurors
(expense allowance will be 500 clintz)

5* UR-Player

monday 21/06/2010

He means us playing in ELO but getting points in the tournies...
Agis in ELo mode it is impossible to get anywhere near the top of a tourney...rounds and games are much slower and the winners always use 26/27* decks in T2 mode.....the chances of winning Dj korr is virtually 0.000000000000000000001 and why shud they not be played together....

sunday 20/06/2010

Join deleted

Urban has been divided into four(4) factions, each aspiring to implement their own laws over the others. The residents of Clint City, hoping to avoid conflict with these factions, have offered their services to them. Only time will tell which one of these Urban Rivals will be Ruler-Supreme. Whose side will you be on?

Join deleted

Clintz city has many guilds , but clintz city don't know which guild is the best
here we will decide which guild is the best . Or maybe your guild is
so what do you waiting for ?
join us

saturday 19/06/2010

We need at least 16 players to run the event, anyone wants to join in?

friday 18/06/2010

deleted,for play in the event you must be classified at World Enigmatic Series "English Qualifier Round".

Come in,is FREE.

Is this contest on this week?

wednesday 16/06/2010


Last chance to join...

tuesday 15/06/2010

You have two threads.. close one of em

To inaugurate the start of World Cup I thought this event:
8 players per nation ---- every nation has its own coach (and take the player with the highest value from the register + ELO) who will be tasked to "select" its seven holiday companions
divide players into two groups and the national with the most points through the round, so there will be the knockout semi final quarter the glides (3rd and 4th place) and the final
2nd place would win 65% of the jackpot
3 ° 20%
the 4th the remaining 10%.
Since missing the 1st place and considering that the event that I would pursue nn is so simple I would ask for help for staff awards
elo cn but the format will changeare you agree

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