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saturday 24/01/2015

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wasteroftime - Moderator - Open Casket English
Monday 12/01, 07:18

next spam thread gets deleted and comes with a black list

additionaly thread for attention gets previous threads (that have been locked) deleted

and i quote
"Try me m8"

thursday 22/01/2015

Soiuku ive made top 100 elo last 2 weeks and currently 30th with mono bangers in elo

You cannot block people from playing you

people quitting mid game is pretty normal behaviour in ELO, not so much in other formats, and not even rational in DTs

wednesday 21/01/2015

Contact the support-team:

tuesday 20/01/2015

Yeah, I think that's my biggest complaint, Steel X. I don't think I would have minded if they'd made the new mission win 400 pillz or something (as I said in post 4), but having two identical missions with teh same name is just annoying and shows a lack of creativity/caring, as you said.

If you get deleted you always get the fee back again

thursday 15/01/2015

wednesday 14/01/2015

I meant to say "DTis50

monday 12/01/2015

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You guys are correct, but so am I. Yes, level doesn't mean anything in the game. And I agree levelling up for the hell of it (DM) is pointless. It just means that you get more shame from losing to a level 25 noob. "Ha, look everybody, I just beat a level 100, lol!"

HOWEVER, level does indicate some things. When a dude is only level 41 after 7 years of play, it means he either doesn't play much or loses the majority of his fights. Either way, not a good thing. And really, I'm just giving the OP a hard time. Not meant as a slam. I could care less how often people play (unless they're in my guild). smiley


older clans become balanced?! More cards doesn't necessarily mean it becomes more balanced. Also, are the clans not balanced right now?!


There just needs to be another way to make users spend cash other than always just getting boosters, and as I have said, if it comes to that skins can be a good idea. They gave all the good ideas for FR? What was the point in making something so identical to UR anyway?


next spam thread gets deleted and comes with a black list

additionaly thread for attention gets previous threads (that have been locked) deleted

and i quote
"Try me m8"

sunday 11/01/2015

I missed the background, anyone have it saved by any chance?

NB cards aren't available on the market for a week once released

saturday 10/01/2015

To play the Freaks, you got to have fun while playing them! They don't follow a set rules to win like other clans (Junta: 1/2 hit ko decks, Bangers: High-powered cards to win etc). Play as much mind games as you want, be as unpredictable as possible! Many of the rounds I had using the Freaks are dependent on my luck. That's how you make things fun. Use their range of abilities to adapt to any situation or to change your strategy to mess your opponents. They are after all, circus people (although a rather dark one), who are supposed to entertain others and create fun. smiley

friday 09/01/2015

Agreed. Back when 6 power was the average deck power Platinum was great.

thursday 08/01/2015

@ von mackensen clearly you forgot Bonnie Ld smiley Card with elo ban = not legendary smiley

wednesday 07/01/2015

Hi, Please keep threads like this in the off-topic thread so we don't fill up the forums with uneeded threads.


tuesday 06/01/2015

Lol! +1 Thoazol smiley

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