saturday 17/09/2011

Why use Hula when you can use the lovely Cyb Lhia?

Giving everyone who rates my deck up 100 clintz. Just send me a pm, that you rated it up. Need to reach 1000. Thanks smiley

friday 16/09/2011

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Interesting deck i would personally change Cassandra to Baldovino and Hula to Harleen.

Nice deck. When Bogdan is banned change him to Wolfgang.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=1970318" and change the = to :

If you have a defeat card fetish splash C Wing

WoodXsxt is better than Wakai imho
same life gap
with Stop opp Bonus which really lets his bonus come into its own

thursday 15/09/2011

3 DR seems like it works pretty well for me, I usually aim for that. I changed Griezzo to edd though smiley

Nice deck using the current ELO bans. smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally change Karen to Kang.

Thanks! smiley

wednesday 14/09/2011

Done, shall see if it works better with a wall in the deck smiley

I might do the Luba and Na Boh swap. But i bluff much to often with Xu to trade him up for someone too situational.

tuesday 13/09/2011

My deck night berzerk , and it work very well
Des changements ??
green faces please

deleted. Is the best deck.

Cortez might seem scary at first but Taylor is much better against most clans. Espesily attack/power/damage manipulation clans.

Interesting deck. smiley

Rescue are still good to use in ELO even lots of cards are banned esp. on them
i used
Cliff, glosh, ghoub, anita, slyde, vinny, krash, and steve
reached 1300 several times with them
just don't bluff, like NOOBS do on them.

Thanks for the suggestions guys smiley

monday 12/09/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Mawpin to Phyllis, Kobalth to Deea and Shaakarti to Dregn.

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