wednesday 30/07/2014

If you want.
I was just making conversation.

This is a valid question because on Team Fortress 2, being the creator of a model if which is used for an official weapon release grants you a Self-Made version of the weapon for your inventory.

Just log out and back in again and it should have fixed itself, it lags a bit from time to time smiley

tuesday 29/07/2014

The thing is, your deck is designed for winning while Arno is a card designed for losing. Put Treeman or Walden there imho. smiley

Let general cr k.o you

@Icarus, you chillax, this is nothing new. smiley
I once played (years back, but after the big 5 was banned)) ELO against Demo who was using an Ambre led Junta deck with General Cr in it! smiley
@Staff: You can drink on Sundays, but in moderation smiley

monday 28/07/2014

I have a good t2 deck for 22k.

You could probably get another good deck with the other 33k. i Recommend getting an elo deck.


2* best - Jean cheaper - Flint
3* best - Nyema cheaper - Scopica/even more cheaper options Radek
4* best - Sylth cheaper - Eggman/even more cheaper option's Benicio, Moegura & Bubba
5* best - Ongh cheaper - Troompah/even more cheaper option's Askai & Nahema

saturday 26/07/2014

1) You can choose how much of it you play in one sitting. Tourneys put you on a RL clock and you have to time them and stuff. duels are truly casual.

2) You can play them at your own pace.

3) You get a card. Even if you have all of them, it's still nice and motivating.

4) I can use any cards I like, and do missions at a leisurely pace

5) I play other game modes, allready, but duels are the least stresful, so I play them most often.

I play Magic the Gathering in real life w friends. This is the closest game I've found that I can play on the go, when I'm bored, n my clan is pretty cool. Also, as a bartender the fact that this game keeps me doing math quickly actually helps me in my day-to-day

friday 25/07/2014

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Oh, i'm happy with this glitchsmiley

^That's because none of the report back and reward me!

Cache and history cleared and allowing of cookies and all that other junk to get them to pay so they are just be scamy.

"I call shenanigans"


thursday 24/07/2014

They could make an survey and listen to our opinion.. Like:
"What do you think of this game mode?" "What do you think we should do to make it better?" "What are your suggestions to make the entire game better?" "What do you think of this staff member? And why do you think that?"
I think this subject should be taken to the others languages (Mainly Italian, French and Spanish!).. I didn't put it in the Portuguese because I feel like that one is kind of useless.. Every player in this game has his idea of how to make the game better.. So if the staff could try to listen to 1% of those players, maybe the game would comeback to his place..

wednesday 23/07/2014

You are not "just telling the facts"
you are saying your opinion without listening to anybody else

.... and I think this wraps it up smiley

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