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saturday 13/12/2014

Well there's 10 spaces on the wheel so in theory you should get a Cr approximately 1 out of every 10 tries. So it should be better to spin them 1 by 1... and, if you have 100, then lets say you get roughly 8 Crs. But I think we all know this isn't the case... the wheel is rigged, and I for one have never won a Cr off of it. I don't win a lot of gold tokenz but I get plenty of silver and bronze... jack crap. I might just be the most unlucky person in the world but I'm almost certain the wheel is rigged. If it's not rigged then why would the game ever offer you to spin 100 all at once for 1 guaranteed Cr?

It is what it is... but, personally, I'd prefer that the wheel be an accurate representation of your odds. Like if you only have a 1% chance to land on Cr then why isn't the space a lot smaller than the other spaces?

friday 12/12/2014

That was mighty generous of you smiley

Really? Huh, I don't remember the 5-cred bit when I tested it.

OP: Have you acquired them through non-game means (ie: Tapjoy/Trialpay offers)?

Ohmagerd I love your avatar smiley

It's probably to announce the new Leader Wars game mode. It was supposed to replace Deathmatch, and now Deathmatch is gone...

thursday 11/12/2014

I completely agree with you Jamoxx, with the exception that I like the current menu screen. The old mobile one looked, well, old. But I agree, the old market was way better (I like to see the ability of the card I'm buying, and I liked buying cards using the app... they were cheaper for some reason).

A separate problem is that the mobile cannot run on iOS 5, but that's my brothers fault for updating the game on my IPad 1.

wednesday 10/12/2014

Well, therein lies the problem with Skeelz.
Strong , OP cards who get splashed too easily then run rampant in ridiculous half deck combos.
Average, Decent Support Cards leading to Mono Skeelz forever.
Or meh / average releases if they were in another clan.

Either way, if a card is OP and non Mono , then it gets splashed everywhere and Skeelz start running amok.
But if Mono Skeelz gets enough good Mono Support cards, we'll be stuck with an army of cards whose ability you can't block in most cases.

The Ulu Watu definitely do not lack in the 2* department. Fave and fanny can wall off the majority of cards in the Elo meta whilst Gabrielle provides decent damage control for a 2*. They need a 3* with attack manipulation or a formidable 3* with good damage. Maybe a 6/5 with 6 attack or something like that. Pussycats desperately need that 3* spot filled. Shazam and Bertha are good enough for the Freaks.

tuesday 09/12/2014

VLPascal, thank you. that works.

monday 08/12/2014

I suggest poking around the forums to see the TWO OTHER THREADS EXACTLY LIKE THIS ON THE FIRST PAGE, and reading them. If that doesn't work, post there.

sunday 07/12/2014

My recent cr I won was manon Cr so..... im still getting over my dread of dt! smiley

Jungo too for Ongh. Got two of him off two packs a couple days ago. smiley

saturday 06/12/2014

Use those cards but when you get more money upgrade them to cards like these

Lehane/Westwood tobbie earl Martha Carmen John Jakson/irene/coby/Harvey havok/ hawk/ copper cr

The suggestions depend on whether you are playing Elo or daily tournament

To neo_08ms: I would like to thank you because today I opened 2 elite packs and added Jungo as per your suggestion... and pulled Ongh both times.

Once again, Thank you bery much. smiley

thursday 04/12/2014

Yes very confused

Dr Copernica is solid.
Pericles is situational.
Choose your poison matey!

wednesday 03/12/2014

My story: I come and go as I please and I thought that the whole point of UR is to collect 'em all! as is the case with any tcg, which is hell on my OCD and addiction personality traits, but even I tire of the games, which is why I often give up and walk away for a while.

I could lie and say that my best moment in UR was winning Swidz Cr from elo, but that'd be stupid and pathetic. No, the best thing that happened to me in UR happened a couple days ago. I joined the funniest guild within the English-speaking community whose members either match or surpass my sense of humor.

Both accounts owned by same person?

Like there isn't already an official thread for this topic...

The ability promotes olding, which has reduced elo's fun factor for me.

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