wednesday 24/03/2010

Ck-world war

Also check this new event sign up quick before someone picks your clan
Rumble in clint city

other events in april last chance to sign up before they start
2 for all

starts may 2nd
wing man event teams of 2 each team
Quest to be king

no bonus brawl typ2 2 no pills
starts end of may ends end of june
no bonus brawl type 1starts june

The field of 64 is set & Play has begun!!!! Good Luck & Have Fun !! smileysmileysmiley

Come join
anyone can enter
i know oull have funsmiley

sunday 21/03/2010

starts next month
Ck-world war
Each guild or team has to have 5 players each team will battle every member of the other teams until only 1 team is left standing.
Rumble in clint city
Sign up ASAP 1st come 1st serve reserve your clan if 2 people already picked your clan then your sol and have to pick a new clan to use.
2 for all
2 star cards only no bonus no 2 cards from the same clan
starts may 2nd
wing man event
teams of 2 each team
your team must use the same deck 100% mono with leader if you like BUT you and your team can not use ANY!! of the same cards no doubles.
Quest to be king
2 teams face off in a challenge voted by the players in the event challenges can be anything Elo,Type2,No pills W/e the challenge is the losing team will have to vote a member off until both teams are small enough to be joined into one group this group will battle until one player has bested all events and is king of UR

no bonus brawl typ2 2 no pills
starts end of may ends end of june
no bonus brawl type 1starts june

See you in the events If you dare

Also coming in April
Rumble in clint city

Interesting event. smiley

saturday 20/03/2010

This event is already half full, get signed up for this T2 progressive league format!

Loads of guild represent not all have full teams check the evnt and see if your can represent your guild!!

thursday 18/03/2010

Cause I'm a huge fan of starcraft, and now SC2 bêta is released, it's the perfect timing to adapt the format of a main koréean pgm league called MSL! smiley

The programm: more than 100 players (I hope) in 4 to 6 rounds for 2 to 3 month of competition. 500 clintz to register for more 50k of prizes between the 4 best players .
In addition, 16 or 24 best players will be qualified for the next edition i wil organize later.

The place: deleted.
And bring back all the people you can!

The rules: available on the event in the netherlands part.

And yet, "ready to roll out"! smiley

YOU CANNOT BUY CREDITS THOUGH THAT'S CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiley
THEN WHOEVER MAKES THE MOST MONEY WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u might notice it's only senior to hero b/c i don't want people w/ a huge advantage of experience and just selling all thier cards u know

wednesday 17/03/2010

Update: 3rd place gets a yookie and 3 hawkins noels in addition to the 20%

Lotteria Anti-Truffaldina

This is a Lottery for all who are tired of these fraudulent and dirty lotteries.......of course a Mod will make the Drawing here smiley

The Inscription is 200 Clintz:

In this moment the prizes are these:

1° - 40%
2° - 20%
3° - 15%
4° - 15%
5° - 10%

6° - Adler 0xp
7° - Rico 0xp
8° - Rico 0xp
9° - Rico 0xp
10° - Rico 0xp
11° - Rico 0xp
12° - Tobbie Full
13° - Tobbie Full
14° - 2 Jeto Full
15° - 2 Jeto Full

+ possible donations

Enjoy! smiley

You have to show the results of how well you did with the deck.

Bump. this lotto ends this week.

tuesday 16/03/2010

1. 50%
2. 20% (+ 1000 clintz), Coby, Allan, El Gringo, Lino Borsa, Lucia, Adler, Donnie
3. 15% (- 1000 clintz), Ashigaru(0xp), Nimestiec, Redra, Burger, Eris, Ricardo
4. 5%
5. 5%
6. Zodiack
7. Askai (0xp)
8. Wendel
9. B Ball
10. Jeto
11. Myke
12. Nyema
13. Acid DC
14. Askai
15. Myke
16. Lunatik
17. Brandon
18. El Gringo
19. Eris
20. Krash (0xp)
21. Kuei
22. Lucia
23. Sargh
24. Dwan
25. Macumba
26. Don
27. Brutox
28. Ashigaru
29. Dayton
30. Greem
31. Kimberley
32. Sai San
33. Eris

monday 15/03/2010

Join my lottery and become richer:

rules are simple: click,join and win!

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