sunday 14/02/2010


Let me join!

saturday 13/02/2010

There is a terry in there

friday 12/02/2010

Like i say the doors is open for all
u can win crs carts 0xp and carts rarres

no fight smiley no deck for my event lottery

if u invite u friend = more chance to win

welcom all to [EVENT] Et The Harem Of Pantheon vu l

Mods plz close

thursday 11/02/2010

I'm searching for players smiley

tuesday 09/02/2010

It is over mansmileysmileysmiley

Hello elo player im sending this to only players i think will bring the challenge to the table you don't have to join but please consider.

monday 08/02/2010

It wasnt won so its going on wednesdays draw now!!!!!! smiley

friday 05/02/2010

Do u like it


Mods plz close

wednesday 03/02/2010

Plz close

tuesday 02/02/2010

Sujet clos

THe event is off i open other event


its about love funny moments come on get your urban mate or invite some one ti join with you

big cash prizes smiley

i will be waiting


monday 01/02/2010

Thanks and Terry Cr goes to Skeelzoprenic.

He pretty much pinned what I wanted in the deck. I wanted the deck to be mostly combat with poison on the side. That is why there are only 3 Freaks instead of 4. I was looking for a minimal change that would keep the said strategy and he pinned it the best.
His suggestion gave me exactly what I wanted. Thank you Skeelzoprenic, the Terry Cr is in your private sales, waiting to be picked up.

Thanks for everyone that participated. I'll have another contest some other time.

The final version: preset=1066384

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