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friday 14/11/2014

Keeping 5 is fine in case some of the cards end up cr and become super expensive
if you want to play the market though, you are going to need to constantly buy more cards and really invest over a specific few cards so you will need like at least 10 of each
if you just want to play UR and not worry about the market, then 1-2 of each is fine, 3 being the 3rd copy that you can sell without worries

thursday 13/11/2014

You shouldnt feed things

Wrong forum

Oh yeah I got charged but I'll move it to another forum

wednesday 12/11/2014

Just got 1 Gold token and got 3k clintz,I always get either XP or Clintz at gold,Kate really hates me

tuesday 11/11/2014

Very helpful information, thank you for posting this!

monday 10/11/2014

Yeah hence why ive got some of the cards from these clans hoping they i get 3 crs. i been thinking these clans aint had one for a while from what i can remember so it would be logical. Ok so when they go CR which i hope i have all 3 smiley i will keep em and sell the rest ok?

I am using the New app with an old IOS. And I do not have a Log Out function.

Like we had to train and lose many times to finally get agood deck. And they can easyily train. That is the problem

Yeah any of those three would be much better as splashes.

sunday 09/11/2014

Could I get an edit on my first post? I confused Nova for Miss Nova and vice versa.

Wtf is this! Why are you talking about nonsense ... IM getting a moderator

A very decent deck. I would replace Timber with Hugo instantly, who's actually rather cheap/ you may still own him

Arawaka is the clear problem card here I would replace her with Ozzy for the meantime...he is around 4K at the moment

1. My paper was inscribed upon parchment paper and detailed indentured servitude in the American Colonies during the 17th century.

2. hutson: I'm holding off on yours because I'm waiting for Isatis & Chiro to leave the base.

saturday 08/11/2014

Effie is the worse car

thursday 06/11/2014


have a look smiley

And game modes..?


wednesday 05/11/2014

Mainly common attack: 42 attack... Did 100 fights.. Thats the most common. Try to top it

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