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sunday 08/01/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Boyle to Taylor.

thursday 05/01/2012

True. the backlashes are too good naturally.

sunday 01/01/2012

Nice deck. smiley

i prefer ambre with GHEIST because there power can be low compaired to other clans.

saturday 31/12/2011

thursday 29/12/2011

Though the more fights you play the more points you get. (you can get quite a few points losing every match as long as you do it quickly lol).

saturday 24/12/2011

'They should really have an instant pop up when someone puts the word courage it shows them the definition, has a slideshow, a video, a marketing lady explaining it, and examples of all threads containing the word courage.'

a nice big slideshow,with about 7 slides. +3 examples.

it would really help us, and maybe after an actual human voice explaining it, in 30 different languages in shiny rainbow letters.

when all is done it is presented all courage cards so that we dont get confused as well. smiley

monday 19/12/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Rubie to Pallack.

friday 16/12/2011

Stanly to wee lee karrion to ghumbo lullabee to serena smiley

friday 09/12/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Praxie to Caelus Cr or if you can't afford him Eloxia.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, then you only copy ansd past the "preset=2112747" and change hte = to :


monday 05/12/2011

Interesting deck. smiley

p.s you need to change the = to : in your link.

I play in t1 dms to avoid ambre shenanigans.

But without being sidetracked, please implement this. I hate sitting in a deathmatch room not being able to get a match for 10 minutes, while other people rack up points. it really, really irritates me.

saturday 03/12/2011

@Neshke If you check my other decks you will find they set up Wardom a lot better than this one.His clan only have one defeat card I believe?and that,s poor even in T1.I,m hoping for a good card for the gheist as they have had nothing in the new bloods for awhile,and the last one Gork was a bit of a disappointment.Maybe their Ld will be a good 4*?

friday 02/12/2011

The mission for the Sentinel Ld was a lot of fun.I was putting decks together not just to quickly get the new card,but also help with the rest of the clans missions.Melvin 100 wins!That,s still going to take me ages I have just over 40 with him.I got their DR mission out of the way which is quite easy with Chloe and Miss Chloe.The damage mission with them in DMT2 was especially goodsmiley

monday 28/11/2011

tuesday 22/11/2011

Nice deck. I would personally change gork to XU52.

deleted here

friday 18/11/2011

Nice deck. I would personally change Herman to Hefty.

friday 11/11/2011

Use wierd half decks like All starts and Vortex like me

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