monday 29/08/2011

I like that deck, not much else to be changed or improved except maybe Rubie -> Oxen if you like surprise KO's. I like Samantha more than Wendel, but it's up to your preference.

sunday 28/08/2011

I found out that this week skeelz works wonder because they don't need their bonus to win so piranas/nightmare lose a lot of their effectiveness ant their bonus protects them of gheist/roots which are clans that i meet the most often on my way up in elo.
I think when chiara is unbanned, that they are worth a shot in bi as well as in mono.

By the way, english is not my first language so sorry for any mistakes I could have done in this post. Don't hesitate to correct me so I can get better. Thanks.

Nice deck using the current ban list. If you can i afford it though i would change Lovhak to Dagg.


Nice deck. You could change Twyh to Harleen and Karmov to Bogdan (if you can afford him).

P.s to make a link like the one i made you only copy the "preset=1995709" from the hyper link on the preset page and change the = to :

I agree with the poster above me, except I'd switch Ace to Prince Jr.

saturday 27/08/2011

I prefer to use Ella instead of Ivana.

KitsuneKatsumi: Isn't playing a low damage card in the beginning with few pills too predictable? The opponent would have an easy chance to get through with a high damage card.

friday 26/08/2011

Considering both Cyb Lhia and Neloe are at least 2 pill advantages at worst, and Izsobahd, should you choose to play him, is possibly the most anti-GHEIST character ever printed, or at least tied with Janine and even more devastating than Dorian, Oyoh, Lucia and Cortez.

Yea....I changed it. It suxsmiley

thursday 25/08/2011

Interesting deck. smiley

Im sorry but the deck was deleted/ the link dosn't work.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Herman to Dorian, Lehane to Wendel and Chiara to Pallack.

I'm too lazy to play to 1300 ELO every week.smiley

wednesday 24/08/2011

For the most part people replying have it correct. Vortex is not a good clan to mono with. However they have one of the best half decks in elo. That half is:
Cyb Lihia, C wing, Deea, Dagg

It is only 11 stars leaving you with plenty of room to put in lots of big cards. Here is the part I disagree with people on though. Vortex is best played with POWER MANIPULATION. Here is why: when you play with vortex you will tend to end up with more pills at the end of the game. Those extra pills can best be used by HIGH POWERED CARDS. I believe Ulu Watu to be the best for this although I'm sure Bangers with Blaaster would work well too. Here is a very good deck that will get you to 1300 in no time every week: Time Surfers(ELO)

The other effective way to use this half deck is with a clan that can apply a huge life gap (Jungo, Berzerk, La Junta, FPC). I prefer Jungo, especially in a half deck. I have gotten to 1430 with both of these similar decks:
Ongh version: Deja Vu (1431)

Yes, that does make sense. Guess it is a lot more difficult at high levels b/c of Piranas/Nightmare/GHEIST and possibly Roots. I am starting to believe the best deck to play at the top are anti SOA/SOB and PussyCats lack that.

I agree Medivh, haven't been using it this week smiley

Agree with Medivh and Hoax. The composition of opponents change when you go up in elo. In the lower portions you'll meet every single kind of deck under the sun, but beyond 1300 there's like 3 or 4 types of decks, at best (it may not necessarily be GHEIST, piranas and rescue *every* week, but yeah those clans do pop up alot).

So you make a deck, climb to 1350, look around and see what everyone else is using, then modify or change your deck accordingly.

tuesday 23/08/2011



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