wednesday 13/08/2014

Guys congrats

Not a good week for mono all stars with both marina and saki hitting the ban list
I would go with Crazy Carlo and Heartnett

Lol.. I think I know where that's from smileysmiley I use tha same to do mines..

Good idea! smiley

tuesday 12/08/2014

Can we have the link???

Happened me too in survivor I couldn't choose a card and then my battle was over. smiley

monday 11/08/2014

I dont even own photoshop smiley

sunday 10/08/2014

Cause people were also commenting

Honestly I never once, even in the slightest, made a decision not solely based on stats smiley


Get fifa 15,whenever it comes out.


saturday 09/08/2014

No Problem,and good luck! smiley

Let's make an clan guide fro each clan.. This way we can help . all players.. The best way is to say whats the best game mode for each clan an make an top 5 of each level.. Like Montana: DT - 5* Avola - Jimmy - Fabio - Don - Tino.. And we can say the cheap mention..

Im playing nightmare/roots deck now and i like it before gheist/pirana and all my card are common cards try to experiment afterall this game is not just having good cards

Ok then..
*Saturday, August 9
Today he's very mad.. The game hasn't be working for a couple of hours now.. He's starring at us with his deadly eyes.. "Who are you, what are you doing here?" they say.. He looks angry and I'm afraid of my life.. Please tell my mother I love her.. He came to us slowly.. *

I think people dont like this os sory

friday 08/08/2014

Well, it's the 8th now, Dounia?smiley

It just counts as power. it can be added or taken away

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