thursday 11/08/2011

Interesting deck, it could do well smiley

wednesday 10/08/2011

@yurieu, not quite sure what you're meaning. maybe you can explain what this deck is missing which is preventing that.

Spiaghi for filomena since this deck only got 1 DR.. though its still up to you

tuesday 09/08/2011

I need a cheap elo deck. Hopefully less than 6ksmiley

A new version is on:

I'm not sure which improvement to do next.
Either I change Aigwon for Belgosi or Aigwon for Snowflake (or another 3*) and Manfred for Tomas or Logan (I think I prefer Logan).

What do you think?

Thanks for all the input so far smiley

monday 08/08/2011

R&C please. deleted. Also can you good ELO players give me some tips/advise please. A lot of times I know what my opponent is going to do but I ten to under pill or over pill and cost myself the game in the second round. How do you guys constantly get 1300+ each week? What's your play style? How would you use the deck I posted? One more thing these are the other decks I may use, what play style/strategy would you suggest for them?
I give credit to the creators of these decks.
--already over--
altro elo skeeellz
--NUMBER 10--

Thanks alot man, i'll try that out smiley

Oh very neat, thanks for sharing how to just post a deck name.
Also thanks to all who gave feedback.

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Also, what I fear is that this deck has low damage and Ector might be crucial in some matches. Anyway to solve damage issues? Do you think Tula can fit in?

Interesting deck. smiley

Im sorry but the deck was deleted.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1974088" and change the = to :

I would personally change Vinny to Krash.

Your deck is actually very nice and could combat montana quite nicely. The only problem I could see is that you could lose by pilling 2-4 every round so if you get Ongh or if you get Olga or a Freaks card, Pill mabey 6-7 because montana users will need to win the rest of the rounds to catch up.

It's a great deck smiley

It means he had more than 5 percent of the total votes, but the voting was mostly for him to stay. The "for now" is referring to future weeks.

sunday 07/08/2011

Ive added v2 which is basically this but redra for lehane.


It took the whole week but I finally hit 1300. I still feel the deck is lacking, though.


(It's not a big twist) Just want to know what you guys would do to improve it?

saturday 06/08/2011

Play more, you just need to get used to your deck, know what its good at, and what its bad at.Go from experience - say when you have Oflgn in your hand, how likely are they to pill hard on your Pan, stuff like that helps you make better decisions.

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