tuesday 15/04/2014

epic game mode

I had the same problem, but it fixed itself after I updated the UR app.

Mokra was more offensive than defensive. Hence his high(ish) minimum of 3 for his DR he had.
You can reduce damage more effectively with Romana than with Mokra and besides the point, Romana is meant to block other cards; and while I would rather see people use Tremorh , Jiroh , or Romana over her, I digress.

monday 14/04/2014

I think you have the wrong language forum,amigo.

sunday 13/04/2014

Pfft ... only noobs play ELO smiley

Jungo + Huracan looks good on paper, but is actually quite tough to pull off.

All Stars are quite good alongside them as well.

friday 11/04/2014

Gheist doesn't play well with other clans: besides, Leviatonn is the Leviathan!

Ability: SoB
Bonus: SoA

I probably joined recently. UR requires a player to purchase/obtain at least 5 Credits in 1 transaction = Unlocked Buy Sell Trade

This means you can purchase Credits, or complete surveys or install Tapjoy Apps to gain free Credits. Remember, you must buy or earn 5 Credits during 1 attempt

So completing a 5 Credit survey = Unlock
Completing 5x 1 Credit Apps = Still LOCKED

Good luck and see you at Market

thursday 10/04/2014

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^-What he said. Plus the DTs aren't the most playable right now with all the hype and lack of a banlist, so I'd hand out in other game rooms, try out new decks, and grind some missions for a while before diving back into the DTs when everything settles down.

You have stars next to your name therefore it should be unlocked by now.

Well, I didn't expect it to be good...smiley
It was just something I noticed and found interesting (honestly, who would use Cleo and Denise other than they cannot afford Steve?)

wednesday 09/04/2014

tuesday 08/04/2014

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No, that's actually a pretty smart system once you get to understand it

Even in random, 40 vs 15 is a sure shot, at least it used to be

Im closing thissmiley

Best bonus would be

courage -2 to the minimum of 3

monday 07/04/2014

Agree with Thoazol, plus there's always Liam and the all-stops from Nightmare and Piranas.

sunday 06/04/2014

I think what thoazol means is that the limit to the amount of admins is the amount of players less one, because that one is the founder. lol

so yes everyone can be an admin, because the founder also has admin rights.

saturday 05/04/2014

Forget it, can I get someone to delete my posts?

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