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wednesday 27/01/2010

banned cards list
elo perma banned
3 or more dmg reducers
2 or more poisoners
the rest is filler
no chance of pussycats/freaks bonus- meaning you can use one of the cards from the clan but no bonus
no soa bonus it'll ruined the cards abilities- so you can use miss twice cr and no other geist though
yeah ask me any questions
donations are friggen awsome so i don't have to say welcomed! smileysmileysmiley
prizes for 1 2 3 and 4 r
18% jackpot
check the event so yeah
100 clint entry only
i get 2% cause i'm really greedy

tuesday 26/01/2010

Bumping - cards continue to flow in - now including a Wardog!!

monday 25/01/2010


sunday 24/01/2010

Mods plz close

Mods plz close

saturday 23/01/2010


You pick a clan max 10 people per clan and you face everybody who picks that clan and at the end the people who have the most points in each clan will go at it

An event for everyone who likes to solve mysteries!
This is a mystery for you to solve!
--My first event, enjoy!--

wednesday 20/01/2010

Just 2 more days. Should be fun!!

Mods plz close

tuesday 19/01/2010

Urban league smiley

They be stealing me lucky charms

monday 18/01/2010

7 more players until we start, come on and join

sunday 17/01/2010

Less than 1 day before the event starts!

sorteo (UHF)LUFFY un año en UR i do 1 age in uran rivals XD is a lotterie

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