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saturday 30/08/2014

Marinate, hahaha. Love the choice of words. smiley

Like I said in my post, oftentimes the best way to get better at UR is to learn to play better. The times when I played the most DTs were mostly back in Standard, but then I could beat Huracan shit like Noctezuma, El Divino, Wonder Lana, and El Gascaro with mono Ulu Watu not because I played with teh b3st cards, but because I played my cards better than them.

Also, to comment on your posted preset, I'd recommend switching Marty for Deea and Neloe for Karnor Ved because aggression, and because the Vortex forkiness lets them bounce back nicely. Also maybe swap a 5* and Sunder for T Gaank and either Daag or X-0dus.

friday 29/08/2014

Just call me the necromancer of awesome! smiley

Increase... alot

@TheOPG - Looking forward to see the results. smiley

@Timm1 - Likewise. I don't see any part in a game in which it unfairly supports other players. Once could be an accident, but twice isn't.

Made for ChangeIsGood http://snag.gy/7Xswk.jpg

Updated form
(If New Clan) Bonus:

thursday 28/08/2014

Back in the business !

wednesday 27/08/2014

@Pingerz: I won't justify Blaaster Cr because I don't think he should have gone Cr. Sure he's the best Bangers 4* (aside from maybe Chlora and Vermyn N), but he isn't silly powerful like Spyke or Caelus Cr.

Here are the cards smiley

tuesday 26/08/2014

WOW!! Never noticed that this museum exists.. They should have done a Riots background to.. smiley

monday 25/08/2014

I implore other players who are experts in their clan of choice that also has a vast majority of them to do the same. I will make a simple guide that shows three elements.

1. A list of all ELO worthy cards in my opinion.
2. A list of Numerical Deck Building as based on stars and the star count the clan shines best in elo in.
3. The Elo team that has worked for me.

1. ELO worthy cards
-2 StarssmileyB Ball, Lil Jey, Kevlaer, Massiv, Graff, Bennie, Doug Snop)
-3 StarssmileyKreenk Ld, Juicy Lord, Carlo, Naykee, Randal, Kevin, Loocio, Garrik, Tasty Tast, Dud Z, Kluwn)
-4 StarssmileyDuke, Platoona, Blidgey, Vermyn N, Chlora, Lucas, Shogunn, Blaaster Cr(when not elo banned), Bubbles)
-5 StarssmileyB Bazooka, Zoe(when not elo banned), Willy, Angie, Fixit, Lennox, Bodenpower)
2. Deck Types
A. 5-heavy: (3)5*cards and (5)2*cards
B. PowerSplit: (2)5*cards, (1)4*card, (1)3*card and (4)2*cards
C. Pyramid: (1)5*card, (2)4*cards, (2)3*cards and (3)2*cards
D. 1Heavy&1Light: 1(5)*card, (6)3*cards and (1)2*card.
E. 4-heavy: (4)4*cards, (1)3*card and (3)3*cards
F. 4/3 Split: ((3)4*cards, (3)3*cards and (2)2*cards. (Recomended)
G. 2 Lieutenants: (2)4*cards, (5)3*cards and (1)2*card
H, No Newbies: (1)4*card and (7)3*cards
I. Threeeeeee!: (smiley3*cards
J. Dual, Dos, Duo, Double: (smiley2*cards

2. Shining Stars: 4&3* cards are good. ELO is ability run & good abilities lie at this tier.

3. My ELO Team: (Blidgey, Bubbles, Doug Snop, Dud Z, Duke, Graff, Juicy Lord, Tasty Tast)

Dr.falk > kephren > belgosi :/

Christelle takes SOA / SOB / 8 Power Cards and Power Manip clans like a chump.
Not saying her bonus doesn't help but 9 x 6 = 54 - 10 = 44 vs 7 x 6 = 42 and that isn't counting in their abilities which usually have something to help them out.
Uppers in Top ELO Meta? Ummm, no, maybe OUTSIDE of ELO but not in ELO. Usually I see PCats , Roots , Piranhas , Nightmares and La Junta . :/

sunday 24/08/2014

In my first UR tourneys I used Timber + Montana.. I would do it again!

saturday 23/08/2014

I feel like for gameplay urban rivals isn't of much interest but for opinions and thoughts on certain cards or game modes I'm sure a few people could be interested

This gets better and better, playing graks against kolos)(the be all and end all of cards) means you are worse off because

A) you have to spend pillz to deal or prevent damage (OMG it's a groundbreaking discovery!)

B) You lose a high powered card, which is worse than your opponent losing kolos (supposedly a god like card, far better than a puny graks)

You do realise you need to have 3 SOA/DR cards to ensure that, 65/70 times, you will have a counter to Kolos in your hand. This isnt even taking into account the fact that your opponent will start some of the time and then he's even easier to deal with. 7 power is nothing these days

Just btw, it takes something pretty special to make me become sarcastic and troll smiley

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