tuesday 27/05/2014

Thanks, I don't want to do some missions like 40 wins with milton or tatane, but maybe I'll do them some day.


I tried to make it really good and cheap rate it up If you like it.

P.S: Don't go for all the cards at once,play in Tourney's to get more clintz and tokenz! smiley

monday 26/05/2014

It means end

sunday 25/05/2014

Yeah ... a lot of them added me
I still feeling bad not to add them all back smiley

It's for DT penalties.

Like this?

friday 23/05/2014

don't necro

Westwood's not tooo bad. As long as you have a non-SoA 2 star that does 1 or 2 damage...smiley

wednesday 21/05/2014

Best time to do missions with Stop: cards is during a GHEIST or Roots Ld release...Kate occasionally pulls 3 or 4 SoA cards in Duel, though...

tuesday 20/05/2014

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People complain because it effects them personally.

one guy doesn't want a draw to be draw cause it means he doesn't win.
other guys say its dumb cause they play them easy decks like what the guy is complaining about and want to be able to win those matches rather than lose them.

cant win. some people are happy just tieing, others need a win or loss to be definitive. who's right and who's wrong?

In survivor, when you get more wins, your pillz decrease by one and your life goes up by 1 at each 'stage' of wins to a max of like, 9 pillz and 15 life. At each higher stage, your wins accumulate more clintz for your current 'jackpot'. The higher your win streak is, the bigger your jackpot at the end is going to be. So since your wins get worth more and more, your pillz get less and less, making it harder to win and get a big jackpot.

monday 19/05/2014

The iphone app is cool but slow and unresponsive sometimes

I love seeing people rage quit when I predict Konrad and win the game on round 1.

saturday 17/05/2014

PSA Gomla really sucks in LoL , don't ever play with him. He gets caught an average of 7 times a game.

I'd go for Rescue, but like Black said ^ Wrong section of the forum.

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I just traded away my last James Cameron DVD, sorry.

Riotsopolis sounds better than Riotspolis.

@blobby: It is the proper Latin plural (also in German, for ex.). "bonuses" does not have a plural. It is an English-formed plural already.

friday 16/05/2014

I can just see all the Bersek/Frozn split decks this would spawn, lol. smiley

"and not for him to just be gangnam styling by himself in my collection"


Yeah I agree there should be a mode to use the new cards.smiley

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