friday 18/04/2014



You have to be Veteran

Thanks, I think they should remove that

thursday 17/04/2014

Imo, replace Hawkins for either Parmabarb or Bonnie Ld.

wednesday 16/04/2014

I've posted a Review of UluWatu, please check it out guys smiley - Part 1 - Part 2

if you havent already subscribe to the channel for more Urban Rivals and Pokemon content smiley

All star , freaks, junkz pussycats in elo

tuesday 15/04/2014

epic game mode

I had the same problem, but it fixed itself after I updated the UR app.

Mokra was more offensive than defensive. Hence his high(ish) minimum of 3 for his DR he had.
You can reduce damage more effectively with Romana than with Mokra and besides the point, Romana is meant to block other cards; and while I would rather see people use Tremorh , Jiroh , or Romana over her, I digress.

monday 14/04/2014

I think you have the wrong language forum,amigo.

sunday 13/04/2014

Pfft ... only noobs play ELO smiley

Jungo + Huracan looks good on paper, but is actually quite tough to pull off.

All Stars are quite good alongside them as well.

friday 11/04/2014

Gheist doesn't play well with other clans: besides, Leviatonn is the Leviathan!

Ability: SoB
Bonus: SoA

I probably joined recently. UR requires a player to purchase/obtain at least 5 Credits in 1 transaction = Unlocked Buy Sell Trade

This means you can purchase Credits, or complete surveys or install Tapjoy Apps to gain free Credits. Remember, you must buy or earn 5 Credits during 1 attempt

So completing a 5 Credit survey = Unlock
Completing 5x 1 Credit Apps = Still LOCKED

Good luck and see you at Market

thursday 10/04/2014

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^-What he said. Plus the DTs aren't the most playable right now with all the hype and lack of a banlist, so I'd hand out in other game rooms, try out new decks, and grind some missions for a while before diving back into the DTs when everything settles down.

You have stars next to your name therefore it should be unlocked by now.

Well, I didn't expect it to be good...smiley
It was just something I noticed and found interesting (honestly, who would use Cleo and Denise other than they cannot afford Steve?)

wednesday 09/04/2014

tuesday 08/04/2014

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No, that's actually a pretty smart system once you get to understand it

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