tuesday 08/04/2014

Even in random, 40 vs 15 is a sure shot, at least it used to be

Im closing thissmiley

Best bonus would be

courage -2 to the minimum of 3

monday 07/04/2014

Agree with Thoazol, plus there's always Liam and the all-stops from Nightmare and Piranas.

sunday 06/04/2014

I think what thoazol means is that the limit to the amount of admins is the amount of players less one, because that one is the founder. lol

so yes everyone can be an admin, because the founder also has admin rights.

saturday 05/04/2014

Forget it, can I get someone to delete my posts?

Sometimes I feel like you can't see beyond today, Banana.

Today, anything with 4 power or less is pretty much useless unless they have an astonishing ability to make up for it.

Back then. Before 'highest attack always wins' and 'if you have twice or more the attack value of your opponent, you win' rules. You had the marginal chance of winning with 3 attack against 100. I merely said that he wasn't as awful back then as he is today when most of the things run him over effortlessly.
actually 2x more than the attack was a sure shot and the sure shot animation happened

i'm pretty sure i remember the leaders rainbow colors
also cob gt than uppers bonus and i feel that courage works better with protection everything because you get a 10/7 with ambre that can't be reduced in any way (except attack) magnar was op enough
this is beyond op

Any more thoughtssmiley

friday 04/04/2014

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How do you clear cache?

This card is actually a solid addition to the GHEIST Lineup.
Yet, I don't think people see him for what he is ; he is essentially on par with Hawkins (I'd rather have an SOA over an SOB card anydays ) and his stats are stable. So he has Courage you say?? That's actually a blessing as I see it; he goes first and ties? He wins and saps -2 Pillz evening out the pills spent on both sides (Or maybe even puts you ahead by 1 smiley )
Zero Dead , Arkn ? Good cards, but I hate the SOA matchups.
Gork hates SOA matchups and needs to lose to get his ability. I can start offensive with Balorg and stay offensive with him. His 7 Power makes him able to keep up with the other 2*s in Roots , Nightmare , Piranhas.
Yet, why is he underestimated?
Do you feel any cards in these newer packs don't get the credit they deserve?

I wish I could sell on market again.

thursday 03/04/2014

Yes, drawing doubles means you won't advance in missions.
Since you're on Tatane's mission, it will be open forever. Same if you only make it to third mission of any given batch, you can complete that mission at any point in future, but it won't unlock the remaining ones.
That date is in European way of saying things. 4th day of the 5th month, so those missions will stay for another month.
And even if it was the final day, you would have until midnight French time to unlock them.

I kinda got into FR for a few days but the big kickers that dropped me back here were the random card draws during matches and the sheer OP-ness of Epic Rares, to the point that pretty much every super-legit League deck was as many Epics crammed in there as possible and enough 2*s to fill in the cracks.

Same with Coraille. It sometimes happens - a card stays on the market after timeout but isn't available, the seller still can remove it manually.

wednesday 02/04/2014


sunday 30/03/2014

Few years back I was having "barebones" computer, without cover, all parts exposed and it was backwards (back panel front on my desk).

I was playing like most serious series of survivor and beating my previous record. Match was tight and when my enemy mispilled his last card it was clearly my victory, just short of tossing pills in and clicking the button for victory...

I yelled the classical "Yeeeeessssss!" and raised my arms up high .... my fingers caught mouse and network cables sticking out of my computer and I was cut off from the game. Struggle was furious, my router decided to give me new IP address and everything went totally borky after that. Could not refresh and keep playing.

Lesson of that day: Don't celebrate until its REALLY finished.

A good punishment is opponent loses a level if they time out. Huehuehue

Still need someone for this, 50k I'll pay

The price isn't absurd, it's normal for the newest rare card

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