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saturday 23/08/2014

Alright Pm me then I guess..

friday 22/08/2014

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Nvm the event is full now, you can make another if you want

So how would you put it?

thursday 21/08/2014

Lets focus more about UR-related topics instead of turning the spotlight on someone other than me smiley

This discussion would have had some legs if tuck wasnt around.As we all know a big part of roots play in elo is attack manipulation.Having ratanah tuck(who was also a release mate of a little cardcalled kalindra cr),in the same hand would just be overkill.

And being as tuck was released specifically to squash any debate of unbanning ratanah,theyve done al good job in that department.So i think a more likely fate for ratanah would be a future cr candidate,unless ironically,tuck gets banned.Then ratanah enters a discussion for unbanning.

He will be available next year.

tuesday 19/08/2014

Yeah they want your private info

Rescue are very good for non-ELO T1, and they are average for non-ELO T2 as well. Stay away from ELO with Rescue though.

monday 18/08/2014

Okay...thanks for letting me know that. smiley I'll try to avoid selling so much at once next time lol. smiley The one good thing I noticed though is at least I can use the Market on the UR app for my Android phone...I just can't use the market on the website. :/ Oh well...I should be able to buy Lamar Cr later tonight if all my stuff sells. smiley

sunday 17/08/2014

Bragh Ld (i think his art is way better then Hopper Ld)
Jungo +2 Life

Lv4=7/5 reprisal +1 Attack per life left

I think this is a better and more usefull Ld than Hopper Ld. First his Ability works really well with his bonus and now people have to choose between him and Bridge (or you want 2 reprisal cards in je deck smiley). I also thinks that if this card exist, a 2 star Jungo will be banned (pegh, or jean). Hope you guys like this Ld smiley. Oh and i think his Lv 4 and 5 art must be exchanged smiley

@Reap, of course, i didn't realise it was that easy to get sponsorship, thank you.
And yes any sponsored events would of course be public, the events I've been doing recently are guild only because I've been using prizes from my own collection

friday 15/08/2014

You can NEVER go wrong with Sakrohm and PC as two guaranteed clans for Elite (Uppers as well)

It's all about the uncommon cards in packs since you only get one rare (two rares is...well...very rare)

And it doesn't get much better than Uranus Zatman Charlie and Yayoi smiley

Coins got delivered after a while smiley

thursday 14/08/2014

Next time try 1 Titanium smiley

wednesday 13/08/2014

Guys congrats

Not a good week for mono all stars with both marina and saki hitting the ban list
I would go with Crazy Carlo and Heartnett

Lol.. I think I know where that's from smileysmiley I use tha same to do mines..

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