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sunday 03/08/2014

Yeah LoA rap is australian lol

DARE or deleted

I'd say Plastic Beach but I was told DARE might be better. I do pretty good with Plastic Beach and I don't play too fast but rank pretty fair so this deck has potential. Sasl Lovelace is good for the deck when you want that KO but might lose so you can get your pills back and still win smiley

smiley shame

saturday 02/08/2014

Gj thoazol

Very helpful

He consumed and adapted to be on the event team


friday 01/08/2014

I agree that something needs to be done. We're two clans away from locking the LD's to specific months.

I miss jerromy's posts.

Blind folded darts

so as good as any card

so on that note...

thursday 31/07/2014

1 card from 4 different clans = 1-1-1-1

3-1 (3 cards from 1 clan, 1 card from another)


So to sum it up this would be your lineup :
Miss Jessie (2)
Jessie (2)
Asporov (4)
Harrow Ld (4)
Karen (3)
Mulligan (3)
Saki (3)
Heartnett (4)

While you might think this build a bit odd, it lets you keep up pressure on your opponent.
It also lets you play defensively thanks to the life Manip cards you have.
And you also can have a slight bit less of fear from SOA.
And it has a decent amount of 2HKO options.

wednesday 30/07/2014

If you want.
I was just making conversation.

This is a valid question because on Team Fortress 2, being the creator of a model if which is used for an official weapon release grants you a Self-Made version of the weapon for your inventory.

Just log out and back in again and it should have fixed itself, it lags a bit from time to time smiley

tuesday 29/07/2014

The thing is, your deck is designed for winning while Arno is a card designed for losing. Put Treeman or Walden there imho. smiley

Let general cr k.o you

@Icarus, you chillax, this is nothing new. smiley
I once played (years back, but after the big 5 was banned)) ELO against Demo who was using an Ambre led Junta deck with General Cr in it! smiley
@Staff: You can drink on Sundays, but in moderation smiley

monday 28/07/2014

I have a good t2 deck for 22k.

You could probably get another good deck with the other 33k. i Recommend getting an elo deck.


2* best - Jean cheaper - Flint
3* best - Nyema cheaper - Scopica/even more cheaper options Radek
4* best - Sylth cheaper - Eggman/even more cheaper option's Benicio, Moegura & Bubba
5* best - Ongh cheaper - Troompah/even more cheaper option's Askai & Nahema

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