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friday 24/10/2014

I completely forgot that "Win X Fights in Y mode" were a thing; I only remembered the score ones. So yeah, that's totally feasible.

thursday 23/10/2014

Oh didn't notice that section.. Thnx will do

wednesday 22/10/2014

Have you bugged them again and would it matter if you did?

Don't worry about it.

How do u know if u won?

Let me win again WAYO

Lots of posts to go , btw I love me tooosmiley

monday 20/10/2014

Well sounds fun

Did u win?

friday 17/10/2014

It's free event

Ok then

Or to mitigate duplicate accounts. But no, let's jump to accusing Boostr of exploitative practices.

thursday 16/10/2014

Man I never vs huracn. They are rare. Just to mention frozn also

Any card mentioned in this thread is bad choice because :

- If it makes sense then its too late because someone else invested already.
- People mention cards they want you to buy instead of actually good choices

Basically best case is to believe that its dog eat dog world and every good advice is tainted with selfish interests.

Caveat Emptor.

wednesday 15/10/2014

Gonna close the survey

results yes : 47% ( because of milantrolling and posting multiple answers)
no :53% -_-

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