saturday 23/07/2011


All for only 24k, which isn't *that* expensive. Maybe I'll finally try for 1400 this week. I always chicken out.

I seem to be doing good with these deck styles: 5 stars that can win easily and solid 3 and good dr.
Askai, Taham and Nyema can single handidly win me the game. Took me a week, but I found the secret to using Taham (I'll let you know after sunday).
Jiro is solid and Tremorh is great 3rd round into forcing ppl to use pills that they don't want to (use em and u can't beat my 4th guy, don't use em and you lose them anyway)
16:47 Elo you beat darbouaz (10-3): 1310 ELO
16:42 Elo you narrowly escaped from PL Striker, ☮ Peace and Love ☮ (11-9): 1300 ELO
16:36 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 VIP3R, The Resurrection (12-7): 1280 ELO
16:33 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 Mazeppa, R-I-P (17-4): 1261 ELO
16:29 Elo you won by forfeit against Older Tpu (12-9): 1239 ELO
16:27 Elo you narrowly escaped from -12all- (7-6): 1218 ELO

And do you think Marty ist bad for this Deck -0- Killyon ?

Nice deck. smiley

p.s happy birthday.

Nice deck. You could try Wakai instead of Na Boh.

In response to your question i would't change it. 2 5*'s can leave your deck a bit too open to bad hands.


That is a real heavy preference question that will be debated for the rest of UR history unless some 5* comes out thats better (not likely)

OK, thanks to all the comments so far. I know Tomas isn't the best, but he is just a personal favorite, so I think I'll keep him lol. I made 1 change and I am going to try it in ELO and see how it goes.


This gives the Piranas Bonus over 90% of the time, and the Skeelz cards add a nice touch I think.

friday 22/07/2011

Switch Danae for Cley or deebler much better trade

Interesting deck. If possible i would change Gus to Elvis.

Please delete this subject I edited the deck and removed it

thursday 21/07/2011

Interesting deck. Personally i would change Azel to Azgroth and Mawpin to Phyllis.

ELO Vibes

Interesting deck.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name, like this ELO Vibes, you only copy the "preset=1952653" and change the = to :

I prefer kang instead of Karen.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=1952233" and change the = to :

Sucs pula smiley


Hold on a sec', he said he got the 100k AFTER i gave my advice, i didn't say that he should get more than 100k.
And also, unless you're some sort of tactical genius i doubt you can beat a level 50+ when your new to the game AND have a deck that's easily 10 times worse than the opponent's.

yes i know that ELO isn't dominated by lvl. 50+ i was just using that as an example.

No preset. Can't give you too much help when we don't know what deck you're talking about.

Well ATM Jungo prices are up due to the LD, but also ATM Askai is unbanned in ELO. Try and get him if you can, 3k isn't too bad. If you can't, Nahema is okay...
Pegh is staple, IMO.
Then take your pick of Rodney for attack manipulation, Radek for power manipulation, Scopica for 8 power and a 6 life gap mostly resistant to DR, Mindy for a mini-Rodney (that came out first!) but is rendered kinda lame against SOB, Nyema if you want 8-12 lifegap (pink sink) depending on the star count.
Ashiko pwned me when I ran a Roots and Berzerk deck, but I would wait for his price to drop if you so desperately want a DR resistant boss when up against SOA.
Niva is nice to have, too, but costly.

If you're really paranoid about SOA, you can also add in Greow or Scotty or Adler.

I will hazard a guess and propose that you are talking Fang Pi Clang. Hoo boy. Staples include but are not limited to Chan for high 10 power, Zhu Tang for solid 8 power and 8-12 life gap, Nakata for quelling SOA, Fei for swell power manipulation, Kurisu for quasi-DR effect, Tsubame for being an epic fork. But starting from Fei, they get expensive (and that's not even including Crs). Others to consider include Kuei for a nice sub for Tsubame, Sayura for attack manipulation, Yumi for a 2* wall through her situational attack manipulation, Yu Mei for potential high damage, Xia Leming DR, Kati SOA,, Rei 8 power, Zinfred high dmg.

wednesday 20/07/2011

What should i do with this deck for elo mode

Agreed with the above this is just a list of your favorite cards in each star level i could make u tremble in elo with a simple cortez trust me ive seen many cower at the sight of him and either way overpill or overlook my other cards focusing saving pillz for cortez who turned out just to be a mind flux card the whole time smiley
also in soa week u go ahead and choose dallas if u want but oyoh has the extra damage that helps we could go back and forth all day on many many many other cards avaliable that can be played based on bans and play styles but in the end this is just an opinionated thread that will eventually turn to a flame war imo

Soa is strong vs this deck but not invinisible to the -12 atk min 8

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