sunday 31/07/2011

Possible?... Yes !
Montana's Power !!

Please comment and vote green ;D
Great for non-SOA weeks in ELO...

That's what I was thinking so I was thinking Robb Cr and Karen.... Cuz Randy is pathetic against soa smiley

21:06 Elo you beat xScArY RyAn x, The American Empire (5-1): 1407 ELO
20:58 Elo you crushed niquiba, Akatsuki (10-0): 1398 ELO
20:55 Elo you beat mythus (12-4): 1387 ELO
20:50 Elo you won by forfeit against Light No Cry, €€ No Woman No Cry €€ (10-10): 1377 ELO

My deck that got me to 1407 elo. Please rate up smiley

Vortex for the ability
C wing (surprise attack)
Cyb Lhia (good poison)
Deea (6/5 +10 attack)
Sunder (-3 opponent life)

and it is only 10 stars!

saturday 30/07/2011

Bad Intentions

Pussycats deck with 2 splash cards, Greem and Snowflake.

Phyliss to Eadh Buck to Numar you could do Felicia cuz your not always gona get sob.

Amanie for Burdock. Azel for Kenny. Maybe Arno for Jeto cuz I know 3 dr's are good but I don't think this deck has got much solidness smiley

Niiice smiley Praxie can be subbed for Danae for a lil attack manip.

Bogdan is 90% likely to be unbanned next week, try to pick him up if you have the cash.

As for the two decks, I like Bad Taste Party better (i'm impartial to Junkz though). Muze doesn't fit in since you have 4 poisons in the deck already so try swapping her out with Cherry for great results, but Cherry in turn does not mesh well with Ditha, which supports my argument that the Junkz half is better.


Trying to understand the elo game/strat, and i have had some success with this deck. I am open to other peoples ideas for making this deck stronger, or other ideas that may be able to assist with the structure of this deck.

I played along time ago mainly with sak decks, but recently coming back and having to start over, i am trying to find my "it" deck since uranus/grak/sigma are all banned... Any help would be much appreciated smiley

friday 29/07/2011

GHEIST is pretty lackluster without Bristone. I mean, Methane can replace Toro sure (sometimes I prefer Methane myself), but nothing in GHEIST's 3* library can match the usefulness of Bristone, the clan's only DR.

GHEIST is going the way of the Roots last year, smiley

Prince Jr for Sharon.

Noodile Cr and Arno for Micken Moose and Narendra.

I find Sargh more helpful then edwin.

Interesting deck. smiley

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=1962251" and change the = to :

Bah that didn't work it posted it... lol

doesn't work preset = 1958389
works preset : 1958389
And replace the = sign with : (and don't use spaces

thursday 28/07/2011

Try Louise for Clara ? Oh Yeah and you may like power in your cards but thing is you can fail by soa and i've picked out 2 of your weakest hands (One of them has Elly Mae your 2nd strongest card...)
La Junta Mono is pretty beastly..
Thormund Victoria Laura Nahomi Jane Ramba Bryan Gatline Isatis is a pretty good deck...
You could get Chiro Gatline or Burger as one of the 4* Dean Wardog or even Winston as the 2* Archibald Bruce and Trish as one of the 3*.
You could also scrap the format and get a 5* into there.. Naginata Ray No Nam and Ed 12 (Ed and No Nam bit risky but hey .)

Here is a cheap FPC half deck: Yumi, Sayura, Nakata, Zhu Tang

To fit uranus in, for T1, change TrinmkkT to Murray and Na Boh to Uranus

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