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wednesday 15/10/2014

I know nothing about market strategey.

I'm retired.

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tuesday 14/10/2014

I dunno really. If the price inflates nextweek then go buy it before it gets higher

Ok man. I thought after u have dj korr its gamover lol

My noob cousin got sentinel and frozn. He's kinda good. He already won 15 fights in a row by the noob central and he beat a freaks team which had cassandra rhyno crassus and I can't remember the last guys name. That guy was lvl 43 lol

^- I usually do those clans except Uppers-> Bangers for Shann and Vermyn N. Uppers aren't that bad, tho.

Except these days I'm sticking with New Blood releases for the missions. I'm stockpiling a bunch right now for Friday, when both releases will have their missions available.

monday 13/10/2014

This is literally begging

Forum mod powers activate

"My birthday is soon"

For fun, I did this year's chibi/TekTek Miss Clint City's contestants. Though some like Mamatah, Nabrissa and Nova (old people are hard to do on that program) I couldn't do.

Part 1: http://urban-rivals-fc.deviantart.com/art/Miss-Clint-City-2014-Contestants-pt-1-488105998
Part 2: http://yaoi-huntress-earth.deviantart.com/art/Miss-Clint-City-2014-Contestants-pt-2-488236825

When Duel mode first came out, the first character I won was Isatis; I immediately sold her for 3k. The next day she had gone down to 2k, so I sold my original copy for 2k; the day after that she had gone down to about 1k. Now she is back up to 5k.

sunday 12/10/2014

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Now this is actually a thread that needs closing smiley

But why? I used to play 1k at a time

Well they should bring back the 20 credit regular pack and booster packs

Hi, Lets try and keep this forum free from spam. if you want to post random things please use the off-topic chat thread: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=3&id_subject=2428971&subject_page=0#answers

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Well I'll close this thread then because harassing other players isn't allowed smileysmiley

saturday 11/10/2014

Man, I wish it would be possible to draft Hugotana. My brief tryst with that deck in DTs was so much fun.

friday 10/10/2014

You need to get Nanook for Type 1 and ELO, and Wee Lee for Type 1, ELO and possibly Type 2.

If you throw together:
Buck ****
Eddie ****
Wee Lee ****
Nanook ***
Shaun ***
Eugene ***
Fanny **
Dave **

That's 25* for Type 1. For ELO, you'd need to replace Eddie and pick up some more 2* like probably Gabrielle and maybe a 5* big hitter like Oraya. Note that there is no penalty to use Tanaevra Cr in Type 1. Not sure how far this will get you but you can start playing Ulu at least.

It should be finished by now, Cosmic.

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