thursday 28/07/2011

1314 with this deck.

I'm so happy I might cry....

wednesday 27/07/2011

Nevermind about the Nightmare comment, i already had changed Kenny to Azel.

Same thing with what Um said and maybe Shogunn to Chlora

Sargh to Neferniti. NIstarok to Ghumbo to upp the damage

Thanks for the feedback AaaBattery.

Coming up against Fang Pi Clan last night in T1 with my thrown-together Jungo/Berzerk deck... I realized that the one thing that Jungo and/or other clans and cards with their +Life abilities and bonuses need is time.

These clans need at least 3 rounds to be able to win and the mono Fang Pi Clan decks that I came up against were tailor-made to deliver 2HKO or deliver severe damage in as few rounds as possible to reduce, if not void, the effectiveness of the +Life cards like Eggman or Nyema.

tuesday 26/07/2011

Thanks @IRescueHdz @UM_AaaBattery


Facing a lot of pirates & losing most of the time. I thought this deck may work under the present ban with 3 DRs . I thought i could let one of their heavy hitters w/+pillz and deal with the rest of it. Is this the way to go about it or is their a better way, can you help. Elvira would have been great help.

Interesting deck. Personally i would use Bianca over Wendel due to Wendel's ability being to easy to play around.

Close mods

monday 25/07/2011

About Olga Replacement: Mira works very well in SoA weeks. I think, maybe, Akendram could work for you since you're planning to spend a lot of pillz in the fisrt rounds. Akendram works fine with little or even no pillz. He's also 3* like Olga. Maciej could also work, but I wouldnt recommend it because of the other quality 4* available: Grudj, Bogdan and Wolfgang.

About the 3/5 split: I found it quite interesting since most of Freaks' staples are quite strong even without the bonus and their 2* aren't the best. I would try to be as redundant as possible on the general "keeping the gap" strategy . In order to do that I'd value Wolfgang over Bogdan or Grudj and Oren over Baldovino. If you wanna go for the "pill advantage" strategy, I'd go Baldovino, Grudj, Olga.
I haven't tested these ideas so I can be very wrong. What do other Freaks and/or Montana players think?

Thanks tell your friends

The deck seems fine.

You could try changing Archibald to Thormund and Isatis to Ray.

p.s i personally prefer Victoria over dean.

Nice deck but support dosn't really work in a half deck. Try changing Sandro to Chiara. Sasha isn't too bad but if you have difficaulty with her you could change her to Otto

If you click on the next button on the list of banned characters and the character dosn't show up in the list of tempory staff banned characters then it means it will be unbanned next week.

Nice deck using the current ELO bans. smiley

sunday 24/07/2011

( : Bogdan : ) nightmare version

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