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tuesday 17/02/2015

Miss nova.

Isatis (Support : Power+1) 6000 Clintz
Sammy (Support : Attack+2) 6200 Clintz
Scubb (Support : Pillz+1) 6400 Clintz
Draheera (Support : Power+1) 11,000 Clintz
Troompah (Support : Attack+5) 14,500 Clintz
Avola (Support : Damage+1) 15,900 Clintz
Zoe (Support : Power+1) 16,500 Clintz
Shann (Support : Pillz+1) 28,700 Clintz
Coby (Support : Damage+1) 29,900 Clintz

This price will change as it took me so long to write this.
I hope this is what you wanted!

What's your best amount of Tokenz ever achieve before using it on the Wheel OF ?
How did you get (ELO/Survivor/DT) and how long?


In my opinion, ELO/ Survivor is the best way, but only if you can win among thousands of poeple in a week, while Tourney would get you 12 Bronze Tokens (Maybe 1 Gold & 2 Silver) in a day only if you get in the top 1-150th if not like 4-6 Bronze Tokenz, in a week that would be 84 Bronze 14 Silver 7 Gold.
What do you think?

*I accidently closed my first thread*
*It also contains some spelling errors which may confuse you, Sorry*

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1-150th *IF not like 4-6 Bronze Tokenz.

monday 16/02/2015

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Your girl Naliah. She wouldn't be happy knowing you spelt her name wrong. smiley

sunday 15/02/2015

Though it would only appeal to the Americans: giving Adler two special flash missions for the 4th of July.

saturday 14/02/2015

Just finishing editing the chart. It took longer than expected.
-Combined specific columns into 1
-Removed rating column, added Average column of rarity
-Reduced amount of color coding, now only two notable ones (Blue=Top 4, Red=Bottom 4)

After recaclulating, figured out I do not have to update as often as I thought. Prices seem stagnant except in a few cases:
1) LD Mission/release of mission
2) New characters inflation
3) Elo bans/unbans

The average should stay within range even with the exceptions. Will be updating this every character release though.

friday 13/02/2015

@Deboraharc: Hi, Please post in the bug thread in the staff forum.

Thank you.

Death stop the spam or ill make sure you cant make threads for a while

you cant seriously be thinking "srs topic" when right off the bat you dish out a shot against another player

My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

thursday 12/02/2015

"I would also like to see conditional combos (but they may be too hard to program ) such as Courage: Support: +2 Life"
Well we have a Defeat-Growth stack, so why would others be harder to program?

wednesday 11/02/2015

Elite, and use pussycats(baby q rb)

Well I lost 50 elo against the same opponent because it counted my loss 6 times. And what does UR say? Sorry and thats all. Nothing else no compensation or whatever we get

tuesday 10/02/2015

monday 09/02/2015

Hello every one, i'm here to show you a survey i made about urban rivals, and recent news about the game. To answer, follow this link : http://goo.gl/forms/2LSCivtgFJ (please note that you may have to sign in with your google account. But we will not take your password or personal informations).

You can follow the results on the event: deleted (warning, the PM are only french excluding the result's PM)

If you have any questions/suggestions, please send me a private message.
Survey and topic translated from French by Oz Delf

Why did Kate win Rowdy cr last week? Did someone win him and get BL'ed?

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