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wednesday 16/07/2014

Hi. I've posted the same question on the french message board because i'm curious. What are your favourites abilities in UR ? What is your top 5 and why ? I post mines so we will be able to read, discuss and compare about this subject.

N°1 = +1 life per damage : underestimated this ability can create a huuuge difference beetween two players. It's a dangerous ability because it needs to be used generally with a fury to make the difference, so it makes it or breaks it if your opponent reads you.

N°2 = Defeat - or + life : equilibrated with a lot of strategies, bluff is often a success because these cards seems to be the easiest to read. Good for the bluff with pillzs and good for holding without, this ability is also very useful to place your revenge the round after.

N°3 = Stop Ability : a classic, it helps you against a fucking Uranus at the last rounds or transform an evil Mefisto in a sweet baby. Often magic but sometimes sad for the game.

N°4 = Stop Bonus : I don't like this ability but it helps me against Rescue and their dirty +12 attack and Ulu Watu with 11 Power (more with Ambre), so I like it a little.

N°5 = Defeat recover X/X pillz : Useful for creating tension , throw a Tsubame on the battlefield with a lot of pillzs to end your two shots (avoid stop ability when you try) or chain these cards with revenges abilities to kick some asses (did you see Vortex and Frozn like me ?!).

I'm waiting for your Top 5, thanks for reading.

tuesday 15/07/2014

O i see it top right hand side man i must be blind smiley. well i close this now

monday 14/07/2014

Someone closed it:/

sunday 13/07/2014

smiley i was spit balling a idea. to hel with the timers.

the higher your lvl the more of a exspert you should be so the faster you play.

I think an altogether more involved with the community staff would be great. And a few new forum operators would be perfect, just what's needed

I play a mono Skeelz deck in tourney when i play though.

I'm torn between the Freaks n Skeelz both are so much fun to use (very unpredictable)

And it looks like this has died.

saturday 12/07/2014

5 messages

That stupid trick smiley

It's so lame

friday 11/07/2014

Thank u Both smiley

6 messages

You just keep your eyes peeled for an event like that. I don't know when/if one like that comes up, but we don't have all the events memorized.

I mean cant use in elosmiley

Just use your leader an you dont need the exp bar.
i lvl up only cards i play with. sell the otheres you dont wont or need no need to lvl them up.
an if i do use the exp bar i only use it on card thats reach 4* an need that boost to be a 5* fast or a 3* wich maxs at 4* dont need your exp bar for nothing els heck my exp bar maxes out in just 2 hours

I got the comic in ebook format, it's selling all around the glove that way. So it's easy to get ahold of it. The editors could have translated it though.

thursday 10/07/2014

This is something you learn with experience gained by playing the game.

But I also like Roots and Uppers in elo so smiley

tuesday 08/07/2014

Keep both. Both have a decent chance of going Cr eventually.

Yeah, the order is currently: Nightmare, La Junta, Bangers, Roots, Jungo, Ulu Watu, Frozn, Montana, Fang Pi Clang, Sakrohm, Skeelz, Piranas, Uppers, Huracan, Riots, Pussycats, Vortex, Rescue, Sentinel, Freaks, Junkz, GHEIST, All Stars, Berzerk, and then back to Nightmare.

When a new Ld appears, it interrupts the order and remains permanently in that position. (With the exception of Lois Ld moving behind Gail Ld, like Thoazol said.)

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