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tuesday 08/07/2014

Not what i expectedsmiley

but ok here is your prize


@BA_Mihir ye do not who shrek is or what he is???
"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"
@shrek "You shouldn've of done that."

monday 07/07/2014

@xxcAnimalxx: As stated in the opening line in the thread, there really is no "fair" way to do this. By getting rid of these cards (or finding a different method of distribution) there is going to be some backlash. The final result is not going to be 100% agreed upon by the entirety of UR. I think, overall, the point is that these cards need to go somewhere, away from the cards that are actually useful and playable to the game.

MTG has some pretty bad cards, but all of them serve some sort of a purpose (original cards that are now awful - similar to this UR post - are no longer found in new packs, you can still buy these, but my $4 spent on current packs won't be wasted on useless cards). MTG/Pokemon/Yugioh, etc wouldn't fit as a comparison because your deck is a lot bigger rather than UR requiring only 8 cards....when you have 8 cards per deck you only need a specific amount of legitimate cards to play the game, the rest are just filler until you get that better card.

What purpose does Sandy serve to playing the game? Yes, she is a card you would "collect", but that is the only purpose that card serves, is to collect (which would kind of make it a "collector".....but I digress).

Why saturate the market with cards that no one wants? Maybe have a market plug that limits market offers to under 150 with Kate soaking up the clintz for tickets? Either way, a card like Wilhem or Milton is playable even if it is awful, a card like Mac Hen isn't even realistically playable.

saturday 05/07/2014


NB : Sorry, seems I got a bug... I lock.

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It's also a safe bet (to some extent) to believe that the "leader" of a clan will, someday, become Cr.

General Cr, Kiki Cr, Copper Cr, Kalinda Cr and so on. The question is when.

This means, we're going to feature:
Chiara Cr

friday 04/07/2014

How about a coliseum during this World Cup with all stars and cesare as a character you must have?

I agree on this.
New pictures would be very nice

thursday 03/07/2014

wednesday 02/07/2014

Ok, the slow leveling up thing and miniscule XP Reserve filling is definitely annoying.
But then again, I did just mass buy and invest in Sentinel and Riots so then again . . .
But, I personally usually sell at low amounts.
How much is the XP Pricing out of curiosity?

Thanks for your input guys (and gals?)
I got Copernica and all the Riots cards I could want! smiley
I made a surprising amount off the Commons and Uncommons smiley
I can even expand into Sentinel!

Incomplete idea. It should read: "The collecting and trading aspect is very important to the running of the game." It's why the cards are released the way they are and the Cr selections are so secretive. This is why the second idea won't ever happen.

Because Arno is so OP.....lol. If anything, ban Brody, gives us Arno. Brody is pretty OP tbqh, and Arno will almost definitely lose, especially against All-Stars.

And Bristone is very borderline, because she IS a great DR, and her clan has cards that do like 10 damage possibly and then DR away, and with SOA. Lea....idk why she's banned. Trade for Norton the giant slayer pls. Speaking of borderline cards, Clover, Lizbeth, El Divino and Fuzz are all very borderline cards due to the fact that they are in the clans they are in.

Ok :/ so there is no way I can do this

monday 30/06/2014

I heard so much about it but i never played and i really want smiley

In case of sob tho there abilitys would rock it hard core.

man dragon cards
knights kings a jester that will spank you
an the pesents beggers an the theifs that can steal pillz or aka - players pillz or life even. so many many options for a midevil clan

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