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saturday 04/10/2014

Well I enjoy training no pillz so ok then
Only 2 8 powereds allowed
Only 4 7 powereds allowed
Only 4 6 powereds allowed

1. Name
2. History
3. Deck format
4. Prizes
5. Other

Umm its still a program and its pretty easy to detect how it works , so u would have low chances of loosing cause u would know what to dosmiley

I've won in the top 10 many times, I only got a couple of Rare card and uncommon cards.

friday 03/10/2014

I estimate late March or mid April as his return. Depends on when next year's clan and their Ld show up.

D0S is love, D0S is life

monday 29/09/2014

So, if I have half of a DM mission finished (ie: win 250 DMs) will my new "win 250 ____ matches" be equal to my DM mission?

For example:

I have 125/250 DM wins, will my new mission already be up to 125/250 wins? Or will I have to start back at 0?

I don't hate the FR setting, but it's too cohesive for it's own good. Basically what hutson said in the second point.

saturday 27/09/2014

I'll close itsmiley

friday 26/09/2014

Yeah, so then we'd be seeing them twice per year.

I'm on the fence about it, to be honest.

But ld wars would be good for the game's lore.

Hell, make it an event even.First clan to have X amount of objectives in the player community wins.Allow players to pick à legendary they want to side with...winning half gets 5 creds or something, idk.

thursday 25/09/2014

I'll focus on building up my Junta deck then.

Still open for suggestions and help though.

tuesday 23/09/2014

I will describe a fork as a situation, even how much u try, the opponent wins, as so with Tsubame or many from Vortex Clan with high dmg, but thats my interpretation smiley

Yes Gectou will change this to 300 clintz. Thanks everyone

It depends. Sometimes it works in their benefit if they see they are going to lose anyways but quit cause they realize it would take 3 or 4 rounds, time they could spend on another match.
Other times it's they're so frustrated they decide to quit or just time out.
And then there are times when they just hate how badly they're losing that they make sure you can't win big by winning super fast or getting that final KO.

I know exactly what you mean Spikey! No offense, it does just seem like some trolling.

monday 22/09/2014

Leaders could just be implemented with missions. That would be cool. I'd love to see some new leaders.

If you haven't completed the mission before then its past the deadline. If this is the case go to the normal missions page and click expired missions. This will allow you to pay some credits to unlock the mission but completing it will only give you the mission points and a small amount of clintz.

Since u full pill the opp doesn't have to think and can kill u fast , so u may finish the match under 1 min smiley

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