sunday 02/04/2017


Search your Friends and Register for this Event smiley


thursday 30/03/2017

Although I don't understand, I like the gibberish that I can't understand followed by a cards name like "El Mariachi" or something else smiley

It's not self advertising if someone else does it smileysmiley

Hi everyone, I am running a 2* battle event. Everyone who completes their battles will receive free clintz, with an additional prize for the overall winner.

thursday 23/03/2017

Hi all, come and join a free event. 2000 ctz to the winner and 200 ctz to anyone who completes all their battles. 8 player limit.

sunday 19/03/2017

3 spots to fill

friday 17/03/2017

Oh I won c:

Thank god I thought through this. I loved the Out Siders c:

It was a nice little event that you hosted, and I think we all had fun c:

Hi guys,

I have 700 Phonos Cr full!

I am selling each Phonos for 6k.

I am looking for card trades or Clintz trades, only if you buy bulk.

I don't accept:

- Loads of cards, I am looking for Cr cards higher value.


- Clintz for 700x at 6k per head.


wednesday 15/03/2017

Tolliver would be fine smiley

Make more of these! I have so many inspirations for puns, i could go for winning all the Cheep cards.

Final prizes announced:

1st) Kolos+Beeboy+Tomoe+Wilde
2nd) Xing Shu+Fixit+Khann+Steve
3rd) Rahi Sledon+Kurt+Tameshi

One day left to join and choose your deck!

monday 13/03/2017

My one which is sh** lol

Wooly: - Scooby dooby doo! smileysmileysmiley

Alright, winner hands down is Riri MOB

See you for the next events I guess smiley Peace!

Sending card now and closing smiley

I hope you all enjoyed my profile event!

I will hopefully do some more soon. Lots of diffetent plans for you all!

NCAA Bracket Challenge 2017

It's still not to late to sign up!

We have a great prize pool
1st: Xantiax Robb Cr + Jackie Cr
2nd: Selsya Cr
3rd: Blaaster Cr
4th Emeth Cr

Most picks in the first round: Dr Norton Cr

Anyone who beats my score: Mulligan

saturday 11/03/2017

Thank You everyone for playing. I have chosen the winner. The winning entry will be chosen by a random number generator. Your post number will be you number. If a number pops up where I posted or it is a post of someone who didn't follow the rules another number shall be selected. 1-52

These are the numbers that are randomly selected in order.
10 - did not follow rules
12 - Guru Rank (too high)
2 - Dragon being silly
42 - Finally after the 4th random number generation we have a winner!

The winner is naxel57

Wishing you all the best for pulling this out, we need more people like this smiley

friday 03/03/2017

Do you need my mother's maiden name and her birth records too?smiley But it seems like a good idea.smiley

friday 24/02/2017

No, not 40 years.
Technically speaking the astronauts would take much less time, since having a speed close light will make the time stretch for the astronauts. (Something like 5 years of their lives)
It is our point of view, from the earth, that it would take 40 years.

tuesday 21/02/2017

Can I have T2 GHEIST, please? I have 2000 clintz for the deck.

thursday 09/02/2017

Pm me if you have anything plz

Do you guys and gals often still get this bug or you don't anymore?

monday 30/01/2017

Here are some great events that you can JOIN and win great prizes!

Events by players supported by Staff

Events by Staff

0 Arrogantaldo- Clint-City Champions League - Team battling event of 5.
Community Cup 2017 - EN Qualifier - Community Cup Qualifier smiley

The EN Event Team - Add them to your friend list and join their "newsletter" event to keep updated with their events!
Infiniti & Levi_72 - The Infinite Universe
Cyber - Cyber-holic
CardGuruGamin - Shanks New-s-letter
mihalll7_UM - deleted
{Hideki} - Hideki's World of Urban Rivals

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