wednesday 11/01/2017

I would enter if it was not old site.

wednesday 04/01/2017

Kevin's Events

Looking for some fun events?
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See you soon?

We're so close please join!

tuesday 03/01/2017


Here is my new Event deleted

Have fun


monday 02/01/2017

Jk I was drawing deadpool so the reference just came to my head. But yeah, nice event and I would definitely participate in it if I had a computer. I would probably animate something

thursday 29/12/2016

Mmmm now that u guys said it it is sounding legit wrong this event. Ok i will make the level any level . Now will i get anybody playing? Or is this just a disaster because the event will get over loaded with legends and lvl100 dudes? Also thank tou guys so much for the feedback i really appreciate itsmiley

Ive been looking for an epic event to join and the events list doesn't look very convincing. There r just deadwood events there that will never happen and putting your entrance fees there is just as good as throwing it down the drain. Is there any awesomr/well organised events for me to join? Post here or if an admin closes this post Pm me thensmiley

tuesday 27/12/2016

He told me he wants nothing in return. smiley

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monday 26/12/2016

Omg!!! Thanks frog!Awesome xmas event!

saturday 24/12/2016

I really like the comedy film gnarnia
it isnt really a christmas film but I always watch it around christmas so i think it counts smiley

wednesday 21/12/2016

EVENT CLOSED. Prizes soon! (Courtesy of Itzzwan Ld and the lottery fund!).

tuesday 20/12/2016

Th3 Survivor

Only 48 spots smiley)

has a knockout structure..

I will change format EVERY ROUND.

Closing this...

it will be reopned with bigger prizes post Christmas after vacationssmiley

tuesday 13/12/2016

✫ IT´S YOUR ELO (2) ! ✫

You wanna play a different Kind of Elo? You wanna decide on your own wich cards are bannend? You wanna mess with the best?
Then its your Event! smiley

monday 12/12/2016

(Thx Infiniti for the list)

InterMilan FC
1 common

3 rare

3 rare

1 rare
1 common

3 rare

3 rare
1 uncommon
2 common

5 rare
1 uncommon
2 common
1 cr

3 rare

3 rare
1 uncommon
2 common

1 rare

1 sigma cr
2 common

Hurricane X PIT - Dawn Of Day

xGer 200k clintz

0-Firmino 150k clintz

(meW) 100k clintz

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thursday 08/12/2016

Basic awards:
1st. Lamar Cr
2nd. Splata Cr
3rd. Vickie Cr
4th. Jackie Cr

and this is not everything what you can win :]

Only 100 Clintz. One person wins! (Lottery)

Christmas Lottery 2016

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sunday 04/12/2016

4 more days before I start this event!

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