monday 12/05/2014

We know more like 70%
nobody has ever gotten less than a rass cr on the wheel of fortune so I'm guessing no less than 800k
for silver and bronze it's pretty vague

sunday 11/05/2014

*Double Clap*

Lets close this thread up!

Medieval Twitch?!?!

Not worth it, Id just say up buy PAX Twisted Fate from eBay...

saturday 10/05/2014

Good luck cause you're gonna need it if you are actually gonna do it that way...

wednesday 07/05/2014

Perhaps a clan led by a genius from Clintz city's past whocame forward in time to steal tech from the future?

Still not working, but i'll keep trying.
I'm managing to score much higher in trounements now, so top 150 is within reach.

We were full once, 600 members is the max I think unless its changed. But we had a clear out of inactive players and are now at a more manageable 470ish members.

tuesday 06/05/2014


sunday 04/05/2014

Yup. Aside that there's no minimum in +lpd and that steal wouldn't be reliant on the card's damage to be effective.

You can't cancel it after someone bid on it. If no one bid on it, just click cancel in the top right corner of the auction.

Yes, like FR Bonuses, it will be hard to do it here though I think.. but would be fun!
plus it would be interesting to make half deck with them too! think of the possibilities..

saturday 03/05/2014

This bonus means that if you life went under 0 it still gives you 7 lifes smiley

Nevermind im not in it anymore :/

^ Poldachie-Golgovine is what you're looking for, but close enough. smiley

friday 02/05/2014

According to the dictionary,reprisal is an act of retaliation,so i guessa the opponent opening the round is like an act of reprisal? I dont know,sounds kinda weird.

And i will disagree with your view on complications regarding this game.I happen to enjoy a game that has a lot of layers to it.

Because,why not be in a match where the opponent is poisoned you're healing,but he's gaining pills and you're losing them
all in the same turn only for there to be a nuke and a damage reducer? But it's a good thing you have protection damage because his power reducer can't reduce damage and you just need to have more pills.

That to me,is a strategical masterpiece.It's not exactly chess,but you aren't playing go fish with a generic deck.

But this idea though.

I like it,it opens up avenues.Can't be used on the first round,but that's alright,everybody has a good opener.anyway.Could see a ghastly increase of life per damage cards though.And why restrict it to life? Why not pills?Everybody's been searching for an excuse to make vortex a relevant clan anyway.

If you want to be fast in DT/DM you need many 2HKO (or some 1HKO) options. I prefer those cards over a card which takes time from the opponent

thursday 01/05/2014

Dont make a blush face -_-
gimme my name back

I agree I messed up 4* I was sleepy so couldn't think

This clans leaders ability will be support power=opp power meaning if they have 8 you get 32 lol or add the other hands power together... only face value of course. Wouldn't want him to be opsmiley

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