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saturday 28/06/2014

You wont a ld leader how about this a 9/4 with copy your copy your clans bounes as there ability a true ld leader

monday 23/06/2014

If an event closes or extends without doing anything but keeps taking donations please can you contact a Moderator or support to make sure its not a scam.

We can't do anything about free events closing without any warning if the creator hasn't taken and clintz or cards.

sunday 22/06/2014

Hi, Please can we keep thread like this to the off topic thread: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2428971&subject_page=0#answers

Thank you.

I think he was a normal player at that time. First he had Zero Rage, got to level 100, complained about the name and now he's All The Rage.

friday 20/06/2014

This isn't league of legends
or smite
or world of warcraft
or runescape
or dragonfable/adventurequest
or many other games
you can't "send" charecters or cards or gods or gold or dragoncoins or anything like that like in urban rivals

tuesday 17/06/2014

...turns out you can't delete messages on the message board, or can you?

monday 16/06/2014

This has also happened to me, hopefully UR ill patch soon

saturday 14/06/2014

Riots,Sentinel,Huracan and Pussycats

wednesday 11/06/2014

tuesday 10/06/2014

Dr Van Wesel - Just a solid versatile card. Copy Opp Bonus can hold alot of things.
Octana - Just a solid card that can do alot of good things.

I think the main advantage of the Riots is that they are incredibly versatile and they are good at everything. That is also their weakness. The fact that they have a counter to everything makes gameplay very linear and easy to disrupt. If you figured out what your enemy was playing along with you could stop their De Couture from having a revenge turn for example and counter easily.

That said, their bonus makes them hard to stave off. They only get harder each round, unlike Huracan, who have a powerful early game and surrender easily later.

I really hope they nerf the next few Riot cards. I want to collect them in the future (I love steampunk) but I don't want them to be overplayed or get alot of ELO bans so yeah, the cards need to be dimmed down a bit.

saturday 07/06/2014

@DUC-san: not to mention the lovely people who quit before you KO them. Fact is Duel is usually the only way to finish a KO base dmission in any reasonable length of time.

friday 06/06/2014

It took lots of years to release secure trade, the developers didn't want it in the game. Fantasy Rivals, the new game, doesn't have even private sales.

So I if I were you, I would wait sitting.

tuesday 03/06/2014

It's the Illuminerti. We're all being watched.

He's a misunderstood pile of manure who never found a home.

sunday 01/06/2014

Patriarchia is actually plural. Or, hmm, in Croatian which was very influenced by Latin all the way untill the 19th centuy, there's a word category called "zbirna imenica" meaning "a noun reffering to a group". I'm sure there's an english word for this, I just don't know it. The way it sounds to me (and I got through my high-school latin with fine grades mostly by ear) is that "Patriarchia" is in fact "The Patriarchy" refering to a group of, presumably, bearded cranky old dudes. In serbian, "Patriaršija" which comes from a bit of slavenisation of greek and/or latin is a church teritory or or community under an othodox high priest or "Patrijarh". Which obviously means what it sounds like.

saturday 31/05/2014

TBH, I prefer 15 wins and 0 losts.. but that's my opinion. it is fun to win the DT by winning instead of losing (yes, back then in 2007-2008, I can win in DTs (at least in top 10) by winning. until someone thought the idea of using 2*s to win the DT (since there are enough good 2*s to make a complete deck)

true, you can't make everyone happy.

oh wow.. English is not my first language. unless you believe that everyone need to have a perfect grammar to write their opinion in this forum? if yes, then maybe you can keep writing things in this thread and I will have to excuse myself from here. if not, then please write something more useful than "your grammar is bad". we are talking about UR here, not my grammar

sigh.. I miss the good old forum with good helpful people.

friday 30/05/2014



Example : Mr Docker
Power: 7
Damage: 5
Ability: 3-opp pillz . min 2
Bonus: Victory or Defeat: +1 Pillz

This is just example, dont copy name. TQ (HealerZ) smiley

Restart your device. Just worked for me.

thursday 29/05/2014

The first question should be what game mode are you wishing to play? What is your budget? What cards do you already have?

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