wednesday 12/08/2009

"its just on the cards you get when you go into battle and how you use them"

Cap'n obvious strikes again smiley

Its just that Uppers tend to have a higher chance of drawing brokenly good cards and that the lower min on bonus gives a more varied use of how to use them.

sunday 09/08/2009

Keep on sending that art in

First 2 eliminated!!! smileysmileysmiley

S5-MoCKY and 0UC_MeRMaiD smileysmiley

friday 07/08/2009

In this event you whether have to win or lose. Only a worthy winner or a complete loser gets the prize.

Yeah my selecta ! you a big bwoy ya !
Di winnas a deh ! 2 rrrroooots bwoya , 2 rrrrude bwoya !

Raaaasss ! Mista Clem-Squall di fast JA live champion, 24 points in 10 game ina secon stage, him a get Rrrraaaaasss Cr !
Mista Pub-Mollo89 di secon rroootbwoya, 24 ina 8 game, get di Chikko Cr.
UN_None di oda champion, gat 21 points, get Blaaaster !
Bahamut him get 17 points an di four place, an get Vermyn N.

Big up all deh !

wednesday 05/08/2009

Its harder because the prizes are so big.

monday 03/08/2009

Close please i deleted it do to complaints

I have no idea how to even join or go to a tournament can anyone help?

sunday 02/08/2009

With all the stories and newly discovered fanart, I decided to create a fan page dedicated to the fan stuff to UR ( And now that I've rested up a bit, I will be making a new story which is a true sequel of the first one which you'll find on the site. And don't worry, I also made censored and uncesnored versions of them.

Upper Class is the first to send all their info. Thanks guys

please close

One i didn't create UM
two i have 1984 in there because its the book i've never read.
read aminal farm though and that was fun.

tuesday 28/07/2009

Join my event

Are you the King of the Daily Tournaments?
Show it in this event!
20k clintz!!

Per i miei 100.000 pnt

cost of inscription 100clintz smiley

monday 27/07/2009


I made event guild wars there are 2 guild in we need 1 more guild who will it be please read it before you want to join .


sunday 26/07/2009

Cool ill join

Join.And accept me

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