monday 04/11/2013

I bet this wont happen. These historical buys/sells are static "on archive" information, thus running any active processing to them is unadvisable due performance reasons. When you look at them it takes miniscule amount of processing power, thus its insignificant. When you go trough whole record with compare search function its no more "minor" thing.

Its better to keep just the "on spot" information like game itself and current market on the caches of the CPU and RAM of servers and prune any secondary stuff away to ensure quality of service for core things.

sunday 03/11/2013

+100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 post no.22

Yep, but I never said Daqun was the 1000th card, I said #1000. : )

saturday 02/11/2013

Pussycats all the way.

thursday 31/10/2013

Its happening to me in survivor. The card looks like the new design which was announced a few months ago minus any text and a bit fuzzy (and reversed), Maby they were testing the implementation of it and it went live a bit by mistake and is causing problems.

monday 28/10/2013

sunday 27/10/2013


friday 25/10/2013

thursday 24/10/2013

Pray to kate daily and play just one DT, placed terribly low but still top 150 and win a DJ korr cr
At least I assume that's what all of the noobs who win CRs playing only 1 or 2 DTs do

tuesday 22/10/2013

I just wonder who is the lucky guy...

monday 21/10/2013

It's worth a shot at least. Nothing hints of it being room specific though.

(Assuming you're smart enough to complete his 1st mission first.)

You can wait out until next release and for her price to drop down to a more manageable level. The NB missions are open 2 weeks plus the weekend after the next batch is out, and since you just need to unlock them before the deadline, you'd be more than safe with her missions.

sunday 20/10/2013

There's already a thread for that


Cool Idea

I do can give lessons proper english,yoda.

saturday 19/10/2013

Sometimes it's just fun to throw around ideas.

friday 18/10/2013

Tsubame is not OP, her lack of play in elo surely attests to that...

It's not great, but I've seen worse out there.

Your All Star half is quite standard except for Harrow Ld. He has his uses against cards like popular cards like Oshitsune, Herman etc. but I'd probably go for Heartnett. Definitely try and get Saki in any All Star half you make when she's not banned.

I think the Sakrohm half is what's lacking in this deck for me. Sol Hona isn't terrible, but isn't quite as good as most 5* by today's standards. Petra and Jautya are both good 4*, and I would always include at least one of them if not both. Murray is probably more reliable than Ngrath (and Uranus is a great alternative when unbanned). Also consider Aleister for a 2*.

Optimally, I'd be using Marina, Saki, Randy, Jessie, Petra, Jautya, Murray / Uranus, Aleister.

However under the current player bans, Marina, Heartnett, Randy, Jessie, Petra / Jautya, Murray, Ngrath, Aleister seems like a reasonable alternative for these clans. smiley

thursday 17/10/2013

Time was an aspect in the movie (the ghost couple had to stay in the house for 125 years.) I think it would be funny if it is a female Beetlejuice, that her name is Lydia.

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