wednesday 26/03/2014

Than what big change would you propose? The addition of a system similar to runes?which would allow you to further enhance your strategy and playstyle? and add some new flavor to the game?
lol imagine that, having perk slots, 1 extra life?, 1 extra pillz? 10 extra seconds on the timer?, 1 extra star? +1 on all courage rounds?+1attack on all reprisal rounds, lol suddenly the sarcasm starts looking good that sounds like a wonderfull idea Thanks millhall7_UM

Shifou zhu tang kamekun kusuri chan/dao wang fei futoshi ld heitachi
if you dont have futoshi ld then yoshida and ralph in place of futoshi and heitachi/fei.

tuesday 25/03/2014

Reducing all stars effectiveness would also increase the effectiveness of the, for lack of a better word, better or more annoying clans, e.g.. uppers, sak, HURACAN, RESCUE, Montana, etc.
15 life, doesn't matter to me
The next 3, why limit deck choices even more? We all already run like 3 decks a given week why make it less?

I don't see any problems with elo now except for the actual cards that are allowed or not allowed.

monday 24/03/2014

You have to use -X opp. life cards in the Montana
Examples; Waller, Tino, Moses

sunday 23/03/2014

Mulligan is my next target smiley

tuesday 18/03/2014

But we've already explained why this card is hard to counter.
Too many uses, and losing El Gascaro wouldn't cripple the clan.
It wouldn't even do much besides changing El Gascaro 's spot for Devil Dog .

Not a way that would be reasonable to pull off.

Wrong format for other modes. Follow specific formats in every mode

PR stands for power reducer right?
I personally prefer to use pwr/dmg reducer (or even manip for manipulation), but each to their own.

Well, what usually happens is that you buy the card and spend it on credits, but you buy it in 'pieces' and their is a conversion fee/rate so you'll buy credits, and then the rest will be put on your account for UGC. The bit in the account will be told when you try to buy a new credit amount. Try checking from the lowest credit amount under the credit buying area and you will see your balance/left to pay.

sunday 16/03/2014

I'm pretty sure you do smiley

saturday 15/03/2014

It's not the amount of stars, but the size that counts. smiley

It's hard to judge which one is "better" but In would say that clover Noel is more versatile smiley


please rate it down

friday 14/03/2014

I would answer DT too.

But play the mode you like the most.

thursday 13/03/2014

Technically you are right. In practice this sort of stuff gets by with a warning at best, since it's in nobody's interest to enforce a dictatorship in UR.

Just like real life, many healthy guilds post their own minimum requirements. I wish you're successful in finding a guild that's fun & helpful and make new friends

smiley good luck

wednesday 12/03/2014

What do you think? I welcome comments/suggestions and if you like please rate up smiley

sunday 09/03/2014

Negodz = no gods

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