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tuesday 22/04/2014

Low levels

You don't actually have a deadline on NB missions as long as you unlock them before the expiry date. I make a habit of just unlocking them at any point before the next batch (but wait for any packs before I just buy and resell immediately for a smallish loss), and do them when they coincide with the Ld or enough pile up in a clan.

The thing I've noticed with the FPC though is this - their playables, that is their recently acquired cheezy 3* and such, sort of keel over to SoB really hard. So with everyone running Piranas for the Bonnie missions, they're actually really screwed right now.

Otherwise the deal seems to be that they have 3 types of cards - low power nukes, shaky 8/8 or 7/7 stuff with no attack manip, or 7/8 stuff with round winning abilities. Sayura's in the last category even though she's a 6. Thing is, there's no round winning without the ability guys (Rolph, Kamekun, Shifou, Chan), but there's no match winning unless you have the nukes or the really shaky middle guys. However, there's no utility of any kind except round winning, and that's just not enough unless you can read minds or go split deck. However, if you go split deck - most FPC suck without their bonus, and many are really mediocre without their abilities.

Tomoe might be what they needed, though, and I haven't been using the 8/2 + life guy enough it seems. They also kind of suck against sentinels as sentinels aren't nearly as bonus dependent, and FPC doesn't have the soa or the DR to cope.

monday 21/04/2014

I know we're comparing within Vortex, but the only card assigned an S rank in the entire thread is Kiki Cr. I don't know about you guys, but I think Cyb Lhia isn't quite as good as Kiki Cr.

Easter past, love y'all! smiley

sunday 20/04/2014

Obtained from unknown source: Kate, Staff Prizes (Events, Coliseum, ELO), Wheel of Tokenz and that kind of stuff

saturday 19/04/2014

wanted to talk to my new guild members
stupid urban rivals

Oh my, WTF? How did thias thread that was originally posted in the business section reach here?

Admin are more than aware

you guys have played this game long enough to KNOW that each time there has been some added features it slows down until they clean it up.

and as a mod i should know enough that each time there is something wrong, threads like this pop up


You win then in DTs and use them to spin wheels.

More here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&id_subject=2455065

friday 18/04/2014

You go an ok pull. Only good one out of there is that Noctezuma. Followed up by maybe 3 more.

The Ulu Watu were pretty good in Standard, at least when I played them. Ever since the T1/T2 (re)overhaul and the points change, though, they haven't been too hot. While the clan has a good lineup of 2 and 3*s, they don't really cover all the bases necessary to make a good deck like the GHEIST or Sakrohm do.



You have to be Veteran

Thanks, I think they should remove that

thursday 17/04/2014

Imo, replace Hawkins for either Parmabarb or Bonnie Ld.

wednesday 16/04/2014

I've posted a Review of UluWatu, please check it out guys smiley

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE4crDH-sJQ - Part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP6Tyq2xuVQ - Part 2

if you havent already subscribe to the channel for more Urban Rivals and Pokemon content smiley

All star , freaks, junkz pussycats in elo

tuesday 15/04/2014

epic game mode

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