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saturday 03/05/2014

Nevermind im not in it anymore :/

^ Poldachie-Golgovine is what you're looking for, but close enough. smiley

friday 02/05/2014

According to the dictionary,reprisal is an act of retaliation,so i guessa the opponent opening the round is like an act of reprisal? I dont know,sounds kinda weird.

And i will disagree with your view on complications regarding this game.I happen to enjoy a game that has a lot of layers to it.

Because,why not be in a match where the opponent is poisoned you're healing,but he's gaining pills and you're losing them
all in the same turn only for there to be a nuke and a damage reducer? But it's a good thing you have protection damage because his power reducer can't reduce damage and you just need to have more pills.

That to me,is a strategical masterpiece.It's not exactly chess,but you aren't playing go fish with a generic deck.

But this idea though.

I like it,it opens up avenues.Can't be used on the first round,but that's alright,everybody has a good opener.anyway.Could see a ghastly increase of life per damage cards though.And why restrict it to life? Why not pills?Everybody's been searching for an excuse to make vortex a relevant clan anyway.

If you want to be fast in DT/DM you need many 2HKO (or some 1HKO) options. I prefer those cards over a card which takes time from the opponent

thursday 01/05/2014

Dont make a blush face -_-
gimme my name back

I agree I messed up 4* I was sleepy so couldn't think

This clans leaders ability will be support power=opp power meaning if they have 8 you get 32 lol or add the other hands power together... only face value of course. Wouldn't want him to be opsmiley


wednesday 30/04/2014

Just pick a clan you like and run with it. Most clans have a variety of cheap, useful commons that won't go out of style soon.

And daaaamn, that guide is so outdated. This game has changed so much.

tuesday 29/04/2014

Batgirl gets it... lol

b bazooka for you

monday 28/04/2014

When I went to a guild created by a french admin, he told me that 250k has been won dozens of times. People still do not believe this so I assume that is why the big 5 wins in Tokenz wheel now comes as notification on the feed, so people know it's possible to win it.

Anyway I have 3200+ tickets that I have to spend whenever.

sunday 27/04/2014

Napoleon, the former leader of poldache-golgovine, conquered most of the nations aroundhim, but he met his match against waterloo. After being exiled by the other nations, Napoleon was assisted by the Junta to escape. In return Napoleon joined to junta to replace general cr and share his military strategies.

5* 8P 6D
Ability Reprisal Power and Damage + 1
Bonus Damage +2

saturday 26/04/2014

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The primary reason no one uses Willow is because she has to be played early to reach her full potential, which is more predictable than Flora. Additionally, Roots tend to have a lot of +life abilities, or used with other clans that gain life, so you'll often just have too much health left for Willow to actually do anything. The stats don't really matter much because they're both throw away cards one way or another.

thursday 24/04/2014

You forgot Karen in your tier list but still have Lewis.........

wednesday 23/04/2014

If you've been around for a few years you'll notice what happens with commons which wind up in New Blood when a new clan comes out. Even if they're quite good, the market gets flooded. If they aren't very good they flood the market for so long that they go cheap as dirt. I've been selling Rudy's at a proffit for a full year, not after he was released, but after he went out of new blood, because I got thousands of copies for so little money that selling them for paltry 200-300 was earning me about 2X of my investment. Log in every day and put 5 more on the market. Simmilar thing happened with Sabia, a much better investment - she was in NB at the right time (same as Noctezuma or whoever) and this ment there were thousands of her out there going for 400-700. Take a look at her price now.

Same thing happened with Mechakolos - he was in NB at the right time to get his price to go down to (or below?) 20 000, and then he was banned in a few formats making the demand even less. And the supply was inordinately high for a good while. If the "flood" is enormous enough it can take quite a while for the price to climb up. And it often climbs up only because people buy up all the copies - and we're talking about buying a flood of 20,000 to 50,000 copies. For commons it's difficult because at one point it would take you years to sell them all off, for uncommons a rich guy can do it solo, for rares... Takes a lot of money.

tuesday 22/04/2014

^ It kinda devolved into a strategy thread, but that's probably a fine read too smiley

Low levels

You don't actually have a deadline on NB missions as long as you unlock them before the expiry date. I make a habit of just unlocking them at any point before the next batch (but wait for any packs before I just buy and resell immediately for a smallish loss), and do them when they coincide with the Ld or enough pile up in a clan.

The thing I've noticed with the FPC though is this - their playables, that is their recently acquired cheezy 3* and such, sort of keel over to SoB really hard. So with everyone running Piranas for the Bonnie missions, they're actually really screwed right now.

Otherwise the deal seems to be that they have 3 types of cards - low power nukes, shaky 8/8 or 7/7 stuff with no attack manip, or 7/8 stuff with round winning abilities. Sayura's in the last category even though she's a 6. Thing is, there's no round winning without the ability guys (Rolph, Kamekun, Shifou, Chan), but there's no match winning unless you have the nukes or the really shaky middle guys. However, there's no utility of any kind except round winning, and that's just not enough unless you can read minds or go split deck. However, if you go split deck - most FPC suck without their bonus, and many are really mediocre without their abilities.

Tomoe might be what they needed, though, and I haven't been using the 8/2 + life guy enough it seems. They also kind of suck against sentinels as sentinels aren't nearly as bonus dependent, and FPC doesn't have the soa or the DR to cope.

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