sunday 30/03/2014

Still need someone for this, 50k I'll pay

The price isn't absurd, it's normal for the newest rare card

saturday 29/03/2014

* Titanium has 3 rares more than elite, I mean.

friday 28/03/2014

We've a hot topic for elo presets, let's make one for Coliseum. Just post the current/upcoming coliseum and follow it up with your preset. Whether you're looking to show off or need help with strategy or compatibility, post your ideas here.

I'll start with Armageddon

Message from Vasshu
Hello UR community. Sometime last week I posted saying I was retiring. Instead of letting my account waste away and rot, i had also promised to give away my collection to a very deserving individual. Many of you left me amazing comments and wished me the best. I could not be happier with the way things turned out. This community is amazing. And from it I have selected a very kind, enthusiastic collector. So my full congratulations to Kero Kliesen. With hopes to collect every card in UR I hope him/her all the luck and i hope you can all support Kero as well. And a special shout out to pkpkay. Your picture is my desktop background.

thursday 27/03/2014

Oh, those never count towards unlocking the market.

I play CoD. I don't play Xbox that much any more though, and I've just recently picked up League.
I recently spent like 6 months playing Xbox with like 4 hours of sleep, but I'm not going to calculate the exact number.
I used to hardcore play DS, about 6 hours a day for 2 years.
The internet? OMG I can't even calculate.
I prob spent around 1 year and a half on gaming in general because I'm not too serious.

Pillz manipulation includes gaining pillz, taking opponent's pillz, and pillz recovery.

All Stars: NONE
Bangers: 5
Berzerk: 1
Fang Pi Clang: 1
Freaks: 5
Frozn: 6
Ghiest: 3
Huracan: 1
Jungo: 1
Junkz: 10
La Junta: 5
Leader: 2
Montana: NONE
Nightmare: NONE
Piranas: 14
Pussycats: 3
Rescue: NONE
Roots: NONE
Sakrohm: NONE
Sentinel: NONE
Skeelz: 8
Ulu Watu: NONE
Uppers: NONE
Vortex: All of them are actually, but here's the count for the abilities - 4

wednesday 26/03/2014

Than what big change would you propose? The addition of a system similar to runes?which would allow you to further enhance your strategy and playstyle? and add some new flavor to the game?
lol imagine that, having perk slots, 1 extra life?, 1 extra pillz? 10 extra seconds on the timer?, 1 extra star? +1 on all courage rounds?+1attack on all reprisal rounds, lol suddenly the sarcasm starts looking good that sounds like a wonderfull idea Thanks millhall7_UM

Shifou zhu tang kamekun kusuri chan/dao wang fei futoshi ld heitachi
if you dont have futoshi ld then yoshida and ralph in place of futoshi and heitachi/fei.

tuesday 25/03/2014

Reducing all stars effectiveness would also increase the effectiveness of the, for lack of a better word, better or more annoying clans, e.g.. uppers, sak, HURACAN, RESCUE, Montana, etc.
15 life, doesn't matter to me
The next 3, why limit deck choices even more? We all already run like 3 decks a given week why make it less?

I don't see any problems with elo now except for the actual cards that are allowed or not allowed.

monday 24/03/2014

You have to use -X opp. life cards in the Montana
Examples; Waller, Tino, Moses

sunday 23/03/2014

Mulligan is my next target smiley

tuesday 18/03/2014

But we've already explained why this card is hard to counter.
Too many uses, and losing El Gascaro wouldn't cripple the clan.
It wouldn't even do much besides changing El Gascaro 's spot for Devil Dog .

Not a way that would be reasonable to pull off.

Wrong format for other modes. Follow specific formats in every mode

PR stands for power reducer right?
I personally prefer to use pwr/dmg reducer (or even manip for manipulation), but each to their own.

Well, what usually happens is that you buy the card and spend it on credits, but you buy it in 'pieces' and their is a conversion fee/rate so you'll buy credits, and then the rest will be put on your account for UGC. The bit in the account will be told when you try to buy a new credit amount. Try checking from the lowest credit amount under the credit buying area and you will see your balance/left to pay.

sunday 16/03/2014

I'm pretty sure you do smiley

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