friday 07/02/2014

Jeff is never ever ever ever EVER used in dm
i overlooked him
i meant full btw

wednesday 05/02/2014

I've played for like 3-4 months and then stopped and got back to it time to time but it gets boring after like 10-15 minutes smiley

tuesday 04/02/2014

Wrong Game lol

sunday 02/02/2014

Yeha i was wrong there with the rare count, but it is not as imporatant as the doubles issue. twelve rares won't help you much if you can only pull each good rare once. even if you pick piranas (which is a matter of preference really) you are more likely to pull good rares in elite - since the chance of pulling one does not drop with every good rare you draw.

saturday 01/02/2014

Go to "the repaire of zapatan" smiley

I second you wasteroftime.

friday 31/01/2014

The only issue I have with CoA is that it can bring the end of the Skeelz (whose bonus will not help them in this scenario).

That said, I like this idea overall (esp since it wouldn't be able to copy abilities with conditions). And to solve my proposed issue,there could be a condition where CoA cannot copy cards with Protection: Ability.

What I am still hoping for is Protection: Life (Stops -life abilities/bonuses)
or even Negate: Life (Stops all +/- life abilities/bonuses).

thursday 30/01/2014

Contact customer support. posting on forums will not do anything for you. go direct to customer support

wednesday 29/01/2014

Ulu Watu: Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys

tuesday 28/01/2014

Their damage is not high but they have great life gap skills. Of course Eddie who can get a 9 life gap without fury with 10 power but also Dave 10/1 with +2 life and Numar 10/4 with +2 life
I don't like them in mono. The main card, Eddie, works on Heal. I think most people use Daddy Jones, Eddie, Noland, Shaun/Nanook, Eugene, Dave, Fanny and Spiaghi/Gabrielle
Spiaghi, Eugene and Daddy Jones are amazing cards but they all do DR (eugene not really but he gets life back when he loses) So sometimes it is easy to go to the max heal of Eddie. Add the life gain of Dave and Numar and sometimes you are on your max. Not a really big problem, but Eddie only has 3 damage so if you hit your maximum, that's annoying because you spend lots of pills on a 4* who only does 3 damage

I think Ulu is great in a halfdeck. Daddy, Eddie, Eugene, Dave all do great in halfdeck. I had good survivor runs with them + high damage clan (Fang Pi, Berzerk, Uppers, Allstars)

Lianah Ld also has the problem of low damage. Her damage won't be a huge problem when your other halfdeck has big damage. But even then she is useless because of the competition. 8/3 with +8 attack doesn't compete with 10/4, 10/5 and 9/4 DR. I would even put Gaia before Lianah

Okay thank you smiley

@Woody Yes you now give a free card to any 3 players of your choice, they can be as valuable as you choose
@Thoazol and @L7test The idea is really just to spread some goodwill more than anything

saturday 25/01/2014



thursday 23/01/2014

Lol guys he means All stars as in like exclusive and cool. Not as the clan nor the star count.

Anyways i think lola and tsubame were cards that i wanted to get Miss clint city and they lost

When I started there were no missions, no slot machine, no videos for free clintz. I played ELO every week and at least one match in 4-5 DTs per day to get my 200-250 clintz per day. If I missed a few DTs that was a huge chunk of my income.

Nowadays you have all the free video clintz, slot machine clintz (I know, not a lot but still), missions for free clintz/credits/cards, free common card every day from Duel, Guild bonuses that get you more clintz, lower Kate's tax, etc., plus you can play in two DTs per hour for twice the number of clintz you used to get per hour. So yes, clintz are flowing into the game like never before. I don't even bother with DT anymore and I play the min. amount of ELO (5 games per week finishing with score above 1,000) and I have plenty of clintz to spare! So yes, inflation.

The effect was initially lower prices of all cards. Now, commons are devalued and uncommons and Rares have increased in price because people have bought all the low hanging ones with all their shiny new clintz. That's been my observation.

A new UR game mode, playing like Fantasy Rivals could be fun.

Plus I think they should try and expand the Clint City concept. The lore is as important as ilustrations and is what used to bring lots of players to the game.

Think about a map of Clint City, with colored areas for each clan. Whenever a player wins using a mono clan that clan wins a chunk of the map, while the opposing one loses a piece of it. This kind of rivalry would bring interest back to the tournaments, outside of events.

It opens doors to new play styles, like clan alliances. Allies can't occupy each others territory, and when two allied cards play together they could have a second mini (bonus), like attack +1. And each week alliances could change.

This game's still good, but needs something fresh.

i'm thinking about build an other army (I think the leaving of Warboy was the declic)
what about a power rangers army (that's my best idea atm)

Get ideas I'm open to all proposals !

tuesday 21/01/2014

So basically,
I have to write a short story for my Uni course. The idea is to take an existing story and for me to write my own story with ties in with everything happening in the original story. So instead of doing the boring regular ones I'm hoping to earn more marks by doing something unique, a story in the wonderful world of Clint City.
I'm toying with the idea of doing a story based on Freaks and Skeelz. Post ideas for storylines, and the best one (the one i use) will get a Baby Q and a Clara
please pm me ideas, do not post here

Not worth the time and effort if only a small minority will use it. Besides, players don't have their eyes glued to the game screen when they play. Most players switch tabs when playing the game and browsing other sites.

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