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sunday 07/09/2014

I started off with jungo. 20k isn't really available to really new players who haven't purchased credits but after a bit of playing it isn't too much for almost everyone

saturday 06/09/2014

Lets not forget though,that in this release,shes opened at an average of about 2500 clints on her opening value at roughly 200 copies(granted,the release of pericles may have something to do with this),but thats still a poor value for any card opening,and this is with two other common cards.

I dont expect her price to stabilize at 1k.

To be honest even with Pericles out atm i prefer elite.

Bought 15 MNB got 1 pericles.
Bought 5 Elite got x2 Gil , Rowdy, Haze , Farman , Octana , Yayoi.

friday 05/09/2014

1. Hack Boostr's servers.
2. If you aren't a bad enough dude for Step 1, check the stickied threads.
3. If you have a smartphone, Tapjoy.

I actually strongly recommend that last one. I got 202 credits last night for free because I ran a bunch of Tapjoy download offers while playing Planescape Torment.

Dounia = new big 6 smiley

@OC Titan, you were not at all but on my BL for any sort of constructive criticism, i completely appreciate it. You were put on my BL for loads of other reasons so dont go spouting nonsense accusing me of things that aren't true.

Stay off my posts, stay off my events.

thursday 04/09/2014

What's wrong with someone wanting a decent card reviewer? Over-reaction much.

Not to mention trolling decks like Daqun Mephisto Oflgn Zoid...

wednesday 03/09/2014

Thank you for that valuable tip, Despitizing. Are you interested in this as well?

Save up the slvers u get

They could duplicate the prizes in the Slot Machine smiley Or triplicate since in only gives montana hats smiley

tuesday 02/09/2014

Yeah I suggested this not long ago about new menu characters! Get it done UR

monday 01/09/2014


our god


sunday 31/08/2014

I would still go with MNB anyway, as the 'dud' packs which don't have the card you want still come with a rare which could be quite valuable.

I guess it was was very naive of me yesterday to think this will be still running when I come back home smiley

Congratz for the winners, and thanks Bison for the game!

saturday 30/08/2014


Go here if you want more free stuff.

Or instead being on UR,go to Redtube or Pornhub and have fun with your "ding-dong" Lmao! smiley

A special mention to baba for that badass art
10. gradymag - just brilliant
9. christelle - love her last artwork
8. diana - cute
7. marco cr - cool husky boy
6. fuzz - just brilliant
5. lizbeth - she's superb
4. lulabee - she's even superb
3. isatis - my love
2. qubik - no comments
1. Katja - hot! sexy! badass!

Sorry for the two day absence, i need time to get ready for school. that will mean no more posts for a while until i get my plan of action ready. Sorry :[

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