friday 14/02/2014

How I see it, UR treats the cards as if they were real cards, printed, physical copies. You don't just rework physical cards, but you put restrictions on them depending on the modes you play.

thursday 13/02/2014

The worst hand that I can remember having was Agustino, Loretta, Hula, and Varoslav...

But I going against Kate, so I won anyways (partly due to her hand of 3-stared Leaders, and the fact she nearly always pills down to 2-4 pillz when Varoslav or Baldovino is played first...)

And I would prefer the GHEIST hand mainly due to the fact that I don't particularly like playing La Junta.

wednesday 12/02/2014

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I had uppers before I can't play with them so you are saying to go berzerk huracan smiley

tuesday 11/02/2014

T2 or elo?

i don't know why i'm really asking if tbh i can't give good advice, all clans are lovely to me and i can play with any clan but tbh rescue is one of the ones i least use.

I'd say that Uppers will work just fine replacing rescue, maybe vortex? since low pilling with a vortex could bring you to extreme pill gaps vs your opponent.

The one advice i can give is to change gamestyle based on clans, you want to always aim for an attack that will beat your opponent by just enough, what i mean by this is that from what you say you basically mindlessly lowpill and lose?
If that's the case think about your attack and at your opps attack and try to perfect pill him instead of pilling randomly low.

I'm no expert but how would this be :
Flora Curlix Tuck Yookie Jakson Lehane Morgan Havok

monday 10/02/2014

No Problem

My bad, it's actually due to some type of malware that infects browsers, not UR's fault. Sorry.
I'll post a link which explains how to get rid of it below, if anybody else suffers from this.

And we didnt see this coming...
it was a long decision before ur decided to make the forums live posting. personally i was opposed to it. it would simply open the door for the handful of infants who would abuse it. but a benefit to many. fast forward to present day... our forums are full of spam. the quality of information on posts have dropped with the junk out numbering the good ones. the community has abuse reporting options. that was developed in order to somewhat self police itself. putting moderation on guild threads will just divert the abuses to other threads that are not moderated. so its all or nothing.

i do my best to keep these boards clean but a handful of mods cannot keep up with a group determined to be disruptive.

want to improve it? report abuses. do not join in or start flame wars.

sunday 09/02/2014

If they go below zero they get deleted.

saturday 08/02/2014

There are players who use BoTs or auto-post scripts. This mechanism provides some fairness on market. When I joined UR I would receive this notification because I manually posted each card instead of learning Collection Pro / since then UR's lock has never reappeared.

However, sometimes Market is sensitive and you may receive a request for verification (ie. punch in code), or there's a lock out. This remains but not as frequent as last year.

One thing that was never explained is how UR has regular sellers who floor 2000 identical cards but are not locked out. But that's none of my business, I wish I was that rich smiley

friday 07/02/2014

Jeff is never ever ever ever EVER used in dm
i overlooked him
i meant full btw

wednesday 05/02/2014

I've played for like 3-4 months and then stopped and got back to it time to time but it gets boring after like 10-15 minutes smiley

tuesday 04/02/2014

Wrong Game lol

sunday 02/02/2014

Yeha i was wrong there with the rare count, but it is not as imporatant as the doubles issue. twelve rares won't help you much if you can only pull each good rare once. even if you pick piranas (which is a matter of preference really) you are more likely to pull good rares in elite - since the chance of pulling one does not drop with every good rare you draw.

saturday 01/02/2014

Go to "the repaire of zapatan" smiley

I second you wasteroftime.

friday 31/01/2014

The only issue I have with CoA is that it can bring the end of the Skeelz (whose bonus will not help them in this scenario).

That said, I like this idea overall (esp since it wouldn't be able to copy abilities with conditions). And to solve my proposed issue,there could be a condition where CoA cannot copy cards with Protection: Ability.

What I am still hoping for is Protection: Life (Stops -life abilities/bonuses)
or even Negate: Life (Stops all +/- life abilities/bonuses).

thursday 30/01/2014

Contact customer support. posting on forums will not do anything for you. go direct to customer support

wednesday 29/01/2014

Ulu Watu: Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys

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