thursday 28/11/2013

I'm still waiting for my Lamar in PS for 50 clintz smiley

Is there any point to this ? I personally don't mind if my opponent quits, especially when he knows he is beat.

I am doing fair amount of dcing myself and 80%+ of my wins especially in higher elo come from forfeits.

Out of my last 13 wins 11 was by forfeit, few times even in the first round !

monday 25/11/2013

If your opponent stops your bonus, that will kill it, too. Obvious, I know, but maybe not to a new player...

sunday 24/11/2013

There's also a post that has a very similar theme and also more "alive"

saturday 23/11/2013

I agree with most comments here, i spent about 10 minutes there just to find where they have put the list of events i am playing in.
And friend list news didn't opened at all.

thursday 21/11/2013

Reach below 900, 800, 700 in elo - award: Globumm.

And some easy mission for 3 points. 0 or 5 at the end of the sum of mission points would look better than 2 or 7. Damn New in town mission.

Im always sorry to see someone leave. I hope every things ok.

tuesday 19/11/2013

Certain clans weren't meant to get certain things,like rescue and montana never getting anything 8 powered,or the la junta/fang pi clang getting a poison card.

It's disappointing,but that's just the way it is sometimes for the good of the game.

Meh this message is just an annoying glitch that UR seems to ignore it. However I kinda miss the times I used to be in the top 30 DT Standard

sunday 17/11/2013

That lamp is too bright!

Except that they fixed this exact problem some coliseums ago.

Sorry - noticed it's already been reports. please merge thank you

saturday 16/11/2013

Agree with Gomla, Montana really offers excellent value and competitive for daily play. Save up your winnings and use clintz to upgrade each card. Or you can add another clan to play dual clans. Since UR started rewarding free cards through Duel, many playable Common card prices declined and it's a perfect opportunity to try them.

Enjoy smiley

friday 15/11/2013

Any thread created to sell customized avatars and banners is forbidden.
This doesn't mean that it is not allowed to be done in guilds or as prize in events.

*Audible gasp*

thursday 14/11/2013

Well Morphun is the leader for level 45
Ambre is the leader for level 35
So yeah. I think you have your answer

wednesday 13/11/2013

Yeah, Use Roger, Jeffrey and Taylor together for Maximum SoB killing power! smiley Other clans with similar anti SoB abilities are Frozn (Annuqa, Mikaal, Rad), Sakrohm (Anakrohm, Dobbs Ld and Petra (although she's not Standard-legal)). Honorable mention goes to Fang Pi (Futoshi Ld and Shifu)

Very true

Go make the preset.

@swagmaster420 I don't have access to market...

Rescue, All those 6-7 powered cards with +6 attack? Now tell me that's not a good deal smiley

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