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thursday 06/10/2011

Ok deck. I would personally change Anibal to toro, XU52 to wardom, Eadh to Artus and Edwin to sargh.

wednesday 05/10/2011

Not sure why you posted this in DM if it's plain T1 deck?

My first suggestion, if it's not a DM deck why did you post it in the DM section? There is a tourney section for a reason.

Second i really don't know how to rate this? As a DM or T1 deck. As a T1 deck you probably won't do to well because you would be at 25* in a 25* limit meaning you wouldn't get many points for a win. You could add Esmeralda to make it 27* and you would get many more points for winning matches.

As a DM deck it's not bad as far as T1 goes. But Hula to Esmeralda still. SOB in DM has the upper hand on your freaks anyways. You win with hula first, you have to either wait 2 turns(until the last round) in order to kill them or win the nest 2 rounds.

Whereas Esmeralda gives you that one extra damage which is crucial in this deck. Winning with her brings opponent to 10, 1 turn of poison they are at 8 which is enough to fury win with Jackie. Or you wait turns and you can all out pill with Jackie, Hula doesn't give you that option.

tuesday 04/10/2011

Nice deck. I would personally change Nobrodroid to Qubik because a bit of stop opp: ability is allways helpfull.

monday 03/10/2011

^ I didn't bribe 0 Pride or use my guild founder status to get him to post that. smiley

friday 30/09/2011

They could be annoying, but not with jackie CR smiley

wednesday 28/09/2011

Great deck (at least on paper, not much of a roots player smiley)


tuesday 27/09/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Nellie to Burt, Jackie Cr to 4*s and Samantha to Bianca.

monday 26/09/2011

Nice deck. I would personally remove Isatis or Chiro.

sunday 25/09/2011

I would personally use Wendel instead of Samantha.

friday 23/09/2011

DM is just like playing on a tournament reaching 100+ Pts.
too bad i sometimes timed-out because of looking at the forums

wednesday 21/09/2011

I would keep it as it is. If you don't change Jautya then theres no need to change Ella.

monday 19/09/2011

sunday 18/09/2011


Here is my deck with Ambre in it, I like Eyrik for that other one smiley

wednesday 14/09/2011

Thats ok and its a personaly choice so you can use Edwin.

tuesday 13/09/2011

monday 12/09/2011

sunday 11/09/2011

I like it smiley

Overall: 9/10

Great! SOA as an ability is the only problem I find.

Pillz+Pure power= Awesome!

thursday 08/09/2011

Elya Cr is a bit too easy to read and weak against stop opp ability. I would personally change her to Zhu Tang.

wednesday 07/09/2011

Eyrik is lowering by 1, which with the bonus becomes 3....
while for ambre it becomes 5 with bonus...

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