friday 03/01/2014

Just look at the results of the DTs (in the rankings).

monday 30/12/2013

Since the packs have been updated, I'm closing this topic and starting a new one.

sunday 29/12/2013

I've tryed looking up on youtube, wiki and they don't explain.
It's really getting on my nerves


saturday 28/12/2013

None smiley

I might create a lottery next year I'm broke now smiley

friday 27/12/2013

And of course, just as I post this, they've arrived. Never mind smiley

Oh I see, thanks for the reply... if is like this then I don't trust much...

thursday 26/12/2013

I never won anything more than 1k and to be honest I gave up... is not worth it... smiley

monday 23/12/2013

Sabia, Scooty, Thormund
Nahomi, Milena. (Leo when you're doing his personal mission)
Isatis, Chiro/Arnie. (Preferably Arnie, but if you're on a budget, Chiro is awesome.)
Dugan/Ray/Naginata/Ed 12/ Raven/Pilzken. (Any will work, or Emeth Cr if you're lucky enough to have one.)

The current mission set is fairly straightforward, so there aren't much in terms of suggestions for specific cards.

sunday 22/12/2013

Forget new LD's, they should come out with RT's.
Old out-of-date characters that have been Re-Trained, and given new abilities, stats, art, etc.
I'd be all over that.

saturday 21/12/2013

Discussing New UR Site:

Discussing Current UR Site:

Posting your feedback in detail will help improve this game. I agree with you, the New Site is missing many features or it's not easy to access certain pages / cards

In retrospect, UR could have maintained / bolstered UR features & hardware instead of focusing solely on FR. I hope they turn things around quickly.

No, i still get 12 attack if i have 12+1 free pill no matter how many pillz i play on that card.

friday 20/12/2013

This is the Strategy and Tactics: General section.

Take it to support, they might help you.

From my knowledge you got banned because of posting ridiculous event prizes, for one of your latest events (which is deleted now).

Another event where you've done the same:
Slaves Of Clint City Christmas 2013

edited by Infiniti friday 20/12/2013, 20:16

Wow, you are lucky man. Just out of curiosity, how does one get so many credits? Your account is one week old and I don't see any star so you haven't bought them.

wednesday 18/12/2013

If you're willing to wait...

The following Friday is NB release, that's your best opportunity to pull New Blood and sell them quickly for profit. Use that profit to buy anything you like (even buying back those NB later same week).

Or many players are waiting for Cr announcement. Once a card becomes Cr, they remain available in Elite & Ultimate packs (as a Clan selection). This is worthwhile too because that's the only method currently to pull a New Cr card(s).

mihalll7_UM is correct. In the new year, UR will revamp DT so players can earn Tokens and redeem them for 3x types of Cr packs. We don't know more than that so in the meantime select the packs you like and enjoy your new cards.

tuesday 17/12/2013

smiley that sucks. I have an i phone and a windows phone but no android.

monday 16/12/2013

Kumar, if you're spending all your pillz in early rounds and hoping on your poison and/or heal to win for you, you're doing it wrong. Try saving some pillz for later rounds.

Poison/Heal drain life/+life and KO are all part of the game. Finding the balance among them is what makes the game fun.

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