monday 27/04/2009

And as always I forgot the link.

Please, join. Especially those, who are in top of Dailies. Of course, if you are ready to put away loved Zatman, Jackie and Vickie Cr for a moment.

74 players have joined to event! In few days is begin the tournament!

sunday 26/04/2009

1 more week till it's starts
so 1 more week to sign up if you want in

One and a bit hours left

saturday 25/04/2009

Very looooooooong event.

friday 24/04/2009

Re-freshing again

1st place: 45% of jackpot (post kate) Bragh + Sung Tsu
2nd place: 30% of jackpot (also post kate) Slopsh
3rd place: 20% of jackpot (of course. post kate) + Oxen
(more prizes will be added at a later date)

thursday 23/04/2009

Simple T2 tourney. Put your collection against everyone else. Check out the rules and join up. Winner gets the jackpot!


Listen up! Battle starts in eight minutes!
round 1. Alice.

who wins?

wednesday 22/04/2009

More prizes have been added

10th - Mayhem
9th - Miranda
8th - Skiner
7th - Malmoth
6th - Bobby
5th - Dr Saw
4th - Greow
3rd - Smokey
2nd - Graksmxxt
1st - Eklore

tuesday 21/04/2009

U need about 10k to get a qualifying deck

15 players now. taking registration until the first game is played. the event will run for 7 days starting when the first match is played

monday 20/04/2009

Jackpot now at 15.4k clintz.


wacky event with twist
entry is 500 clints
for the first round you have to pick a partner
and its type 1 for the first round no random
the twist for the first round will not be revealed until the event has started
pm me or post who your partner is
and you can't switch partners.
This is for first ound only, you wont stay with your partner after the first round, there will be new groups after the first round

check event for prizes

Prizes are:
1. 25% of jackpot + Burger
2. 20% of jackpot + Dean
3. 20% of jackpot + Molly
4. 20% of jackpot + Mitch

sunday 19/04/2009

No Abilities
hope you like it

saturday 18/04/2009

Need More to join smiley

Starting soon smiley

friday 17/04/2009

Well you can use her because she has 1power

thursday 16/04/2009

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