tuesday 19/11/2013

Meh this message is just an annoying glitch that UR seems to ignore it. However I kinda miss the times I used to be in the top 30 DT Standard

sunday 17/11/2013

That lamp is too bright!

Except that they fixed this exact problem some coliseums ago.

Sorry - noticed it's already been reports. please merge thank you

saturday 16/11/2013

Agree with Gomla, Montana really offers excellent value and competitive for daily play. Save up your winnings and use clintz to upgrade each card. Or you can add another clan to play dual clans. Since UR started rewarding free cards through Duel, many playable Common card prices declined and it's a perfect opportunity to try them.

Enjoy smiley

friday 15/11/2013

Any thread created to sell customized avatars and banners is forbidden.
This doesn't mean that it is not allowed to be done in guilds or as prize in events.

*Audible gasp*

thursday 14/11/2013

Well Morphun is the leader for level 45
Ambre is the leader for level 35
So yeah. I think you have your answer

wednesday 13/11/2013

Yeah, Use Roger, Jeffrey and Taylor together for Maximum SoB killing power! smiley Other clans with similar anti SoB abilities are Frozn (Annuqa, Mikaal, Rad), Sakrohm (Anakrohm, Dobbs Ld and Petra (although she's not Standard-legal)). Honorable mention goes to Fang Pi (Futoshi Ld and Shifu)

Very true

Go make the preset.

@swagmaster420 I don't have access to market...

Rescue, All those 6-7 powered cards with +6 attack? Now tell me that's not a good deal smiley

tuesday 12/11/2013

sunday 10/11/2013

Actually, I'm thinking of taking up Junkz instead... I'm not really sure about Montana.

saturday 09/11/2013

i want to create this: 343 pts i wanted to reach 300 pts...and i reached the 1st place (until now) smiley Comment it and if you want rate it smiley

I have 27k clintz for buy a deck piranas i you can pm me some good card I want a deck of 8 cards then thx and dont miss too pm me sorry for my bad english XD

friday 08/11/2013

The Masked Banger, Lucas.

thursday 07/11/2013

The preset is downrated

There should be a link at the bottom of the screen to come back to the original.

monday 04/11/2013

I bet this wont happen. These historical buys/sells are static "on archive" information, thus running any active processing to them is unadvisable due performance reasons. When you look at them it takes miniscule amount of processing power, thus its insignificant. When you go trough whole record with compare search function its no more "minor" thing.

Its better to keep just the "on spot" information like game itself and current market on the caches of the CPU and RAM of servers and prune any secondary stuff away to ensure quality of service for core things.

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