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tuesday 14/01/2014

monday 13/01/2014


sunday 12/01/2014

Basics are terrible packs. 40 Credit Elites or 40 Credit NBs are better.

Got like 50k profit off of 1 Elite last pull.

Long story short, I created the guild that I'm in right now (Veteranos), only dedicated to Portuguese players. But then I had to take a time out from Urban Rivals so I nominated someone else as the founder so they could still keep everything running while I was away. Well now that I'm back (It's been a year or two) The guy that I nominated as the founder forgot his account password and the e-mail attached to it, so there's pretty much nothing I can do to get my ownership back.
So now I decided to maybe create a new one, this time for any English speaking member around here, and I would like to know who would be interested into joining me. Any levels will be accepted, I'm not picky with that, and I always help out members is it's under my possibilities, I don't mind wasting 30+ min or so helping out a member training/clearing missions, and I would like the guild to be as social as possible, so members that like to chat around while playing would be most-welcome too.
If anyone has any questions or if you want to let me know if you'll join then please either pm me or leave a post here, when at least 2 members decide to join in I'll abandon the guild that I'm in and create the new one later, and I'll invite said members.
Sorry for the long post smiley

saturday 11/01/2014

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There is only one way to obtain Ld cards and that is via completing their missions when they are available. However a card is created as an Ld meaning that a card cannot become an Ld as opposed to a card possibly becoming a CR.
You can see the missions required to win each ld card on this link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/missions/legendary/

thursday 09/01/2014

Why were the important comments deleted.. this staff

Closing this

at the end of the day the forum is for Strategy and Tactics

if you would like to continue please do so in guild forums or make an event

wednesday 08/01/2014

Here is all the info you can get


You are right Thoazol could you give me some tips on what to do to make my profile more

view WORTHY ?

Honestly, i cannot stress how important it is for bans, more elo bans and weekly survivor bans, why the staff hasnt implemented this is beyond me

have you not noticed the stimulus in the market when elo bans are being changed? just with the unconfirmed bans a while ago there was a quick revival, not only in those cards, but the clans, and the market as a whole

tuesday 07/01/2014

Sentinel wouldn't be a terrible choice if you go for elites given how Copper soon to be Cr is still available. But as said, it's still all about luck and even if you picked the best clans you could end up with less than what the worst clans could net.

monday 06/01/2014

Me too i need help i left before the release of jungo smiley what has happened then ?

I see, thanks for actually helping!

sunday 05/01/2014

You should broaden you choice of clans. You get more missions done -> you get more goodies -> you start rolling on your own weight.

You dont need to get all cards from clan, just decks that work fine on the playfield. Usually the 25* format cards are cheaper than the high hitters, so you can plan accordingly.

Yeah I know that the best players are the ones that can play good in Elo or with anyway not much stars, that's why I'm seeking help here smiley

Well this is dumb you answered you own question?


AH the memories...

saturday 04/01/2014

I see. thankssmiley

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