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thursday 07/05/2009

The Commotion about Emotions

Everyone has feelings, everyone has emotions. Every card has an emotion as well. This event uses the emotions on cards. We have 2 rounds where you must use cards only with the certain emotion for that round. There will be Happy =D and Angry/Determined =[ So follow the rules and see if you can win Chikko Cr smiley

Every card in Urban Rivals has an emotion. Whether it is sad, happy, angry, excited, etc

All you need to do in this event is use Angry/Determined cards (for the first round) and Happy cards (for the 2nd round).

25* and no un-evolved cards

There will be 2 rounds.

1st round - Depending on players, you will be put in groups, and play others in your group. Angry/Determined cards will only be allowed to be used in this round and the cards allowed will be listed above.

2nd round - Top 3 from each group will go through to this round. This will be the final round. Only Happy cards (which will be listed when the round comes) are allowed.

~ Cheaters get one warning and then will be eliminated ~

Player from 1st round with most KO's will get a special suprise card

Player from 2nd round with most KO's will get a special suprise


1st - Chikko Cr + 10% of jackpot
2nd - 45% of jackpot
3rd - 30% of jackpot
4th - 10% of jackpot

So come and join The Commotion about Emotions smiley

wednesday 06/05/2009

Good prizes O_o

1st. Copper + Morphun from -Akro_0Bat-
2nd 50% jackpot + Ambre from -Akro_0Bat-
3rd. 35% jackpot + Timber from -Akro_0Bat-

Heres your chance to win by losing. You must use all your pills and no more than 4 per round no fury

Didnt know that

tuesday 05/05/2009

I changed the prices:

1st) 35% Chad Bread Cr
2nd) 25% Chikko Cr
3rd) 19% Bodenpower and Saddy
4th) 10% Shann and Lennox
5th) Fifty and Kluwn

It got deleted

monday 04/05/2009

Dead or Alive 3

Start Date: Tuesday, 30/06/09
End Date: Friday 31/07/09
Maximum Number of players: 128
Participation fee: 1000 clintz
Minimum Level: 20 - Highest Level: 100
Minimum level: Novice - Highest Grade: Divinity

- Deck Type T2

- Matches will be played (no random)

- No Semi EVO

- No double cards

- No Cr

To Win:
1. 50% of the Jackpot Glosh + + Shakra
2. 25% of the Jackpot Glosh + + Lin Xia
3. 10% of the Jackpot + + Jessie Glosh
4. Glosh + Scotty
5. Glosh


------ FAIR PLAY IS MY GAME -------

Close this thread plz since we have a winner

sunday 03/05/2009

Awesome about me leveling up or awesome about the prizes? anyways thanks for the support, we got about 13-14 players but i want at least 20 to start, i'll be starting it next wensday reguardless

How do i join?

saturday 02/05/2009

x god if you think you are more better than him join and lets see .

he is strong and smart if you think you can make him lose try it .

He picked Rescue, Jungo and...forgot the other one. lol...I'm getting too old or forgetful these days.

thursday 30/04/2009

I might take part in this if u want
i live in england btw

In playing mode right now. If anybody applies now, I'll have to wait till the first battles are finished

wednesday 29/04/2009

Tomorrow we go then notifies you today and plays with, inter alia, against the best German guilds!

Have fun and see you TB_GET MFG-X ELO

monday 27/04/2009

And as always I forgot the link.

Please, join. Especially those, who are in top of Dailies. Of course, if you are ready to put away loved Zatman, Jackie and Vickie Cr for a moment.

74 players have joined to event! In few days is begin the tournament!

sunday 26/04/2009

1 more week till it's starts
so 1 more week to sign up if you want in

One and a bit hours left

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