wednesday 13/11/2013

Go make the preset.

@swagmaster420 I don't have access to market...

Rescue, All those 6-7 powered cards with +6 attack? Now tell me that's not a good deal smiley

tuesday 12/11/2013

sunday 10/11/2013

Actually, I'm thinking of taking up Junkz instead... I'm not really sure about Montana.

saturday 09/11/2013

i want to create this: 343 pts i wanted to reach 300 pts...and i reached the 1st place (until now) smiley Comment it and if you want rate it smiley

I have 27k clintz for buy a deck piranas i you can pm me some good card I want a deck of 8 cards then thx and dont miss too pm me sorry for my bad english XD

friday 08/11/2013

The Masked Banger, Lucas.

thursday 07/11/2013

The preset is downrated

There should be a link at the bottom of the screen to come back to the original.

monday 04/11/2013

I bet this wont happen. These historical buys/sells are static "on archive" information, thus running any active processing to them is unadvisable due performance reasons. When you look at them it takes miniscule amount of processing power, thus its insignificant. When you go trough whole record with compare search function its no more "minor" thing.

Its better to keep just the "on spot" information like game itself and current market on the caches of the CPU and RAM of servers and prune any secondary stuff away to ensure quality of service for core things.

sunday 03/11/2013

+100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 post no.22

Yep, but I never said Daqun was the 1000th card, I said #1000. : )

saturday 02/11/2013

Pussycats all the way.

thursday 31/10/2013

Its happening to me in survivor. The card looks like the new design which was announced a few months ago minus any text and a bit fuzzy (and reversed), Maby they were testing the implementation of it and it went live a bit by mistake and is causing problems.

monday 28/10/2013

sunday 27/10/2013


friday 25/10/2013

thursday 24/10/2013

Pray to kate daily and play just one DT, placed terribly low but still top 150 and win a DJ korr cr
At least I assume that's what all of the noobs who win CRs playing only 1 or 2 DTs do

tuesday 22/10/2013

I just wonder who is the lucky guy...

monday 21/10/2013

It's worth a shot at least. Nothing hints of it being room specific though.

(Assuming you're smart enough to complete his 1st mission first.)

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