thursday 04/07/2013

Base power of 5 can be broken for cards such as oshitsune and caelus

Firstly it's Damage.

Secondly, it's his ability. Damage = Damage Opponent means he copies what's written as damage on the opposing card. If he's against Deea, his base damage is equal to Deea's 5, and his bonus goes to 7 total.

So in order to OHKO with him, you need to either go against Stop opp. Ability, or face another 8 damage card, or face a 7 damage card if Timber is present in your team.

wednesday 03/07/2013

Cr speculation - people didn't guess right and started dropping all their stuff on the market. Also people sold their stuff early to get the new clan ASAP after release.

In future use this area of the forum

+1/3 pillz per opp life left

clan would counter dr/defeat life somewhat in earlier rounds--since the player controlling it would gain more pillz (if they win)

tuesday 02/07/2013

monday 01/07/2013

Well considering the fact that I never really see the % of used votes go past 30% anyways...

Yupp, my name is Sandro.

I wish I had super powers of speed like my UR counterpart though ):

friday 28/06/2013

That's a glitch in the display. It doesn't show your points sometimes, even though you were awarded them. If you check the coliseum rules page and search for your name in the rankings, you should see your proper point total. Additional glitch, your score will properly display, but your place may not. To see you actual place, you'll have to check the list manually.

You will see decks though in fight club with multiples of the same card doing missions.

thursday 27/06/2013

Rescue vs Montana

Similarities: Both clans have low base power (favor 5-7 instead 6-smiley. Their bonus, however makes up for their low power by forcing their opponents to pill. However, this bonus reliance makes them prone to SoB

Rescue: I like to think of Rescue as one of the most versatile clans. The plethora of life gain, damage manipulation, attack manipulation, power manipulation, and high damage cards makes most Rescue decks flexible enough to handle most situations. Their bonus allows them to beat most bluffs and create walls out of vertically any card.
However, the Rescue clan is highly susceptible to both SoA and SoB (although they have Glosh and Beverly to make up for SoA). Another flaw is that their SoA and SoB cards are almost constantly on the ban list, making them susceptible to being out manipulated by opposing abilities. And of course, Rescue cannot be half decked without losing their bonus's effectiveness.

Montana: I have had less experience with the Montana so this is less accurate then Rescue. It seems to me that Montana favors high damage more than Rescue. As a result, the Montana favor the life gap win then the Rescue (who prefer life manipulation). They acheive this through higher base stats then Rescue, makeing them less prone to SoA. Unlike rescue, the Montana bonus allows them to be half decked, increasing their effectiveness with other clans. However, the min of 8 forces most Montana to pill twice to reach their min, forcing pills.

wednesday 26/06/2013

UR were most likely thinking of Mexico and there's more than enough evidence to support that, but I believe it could be Cuba because of the political undertones that a few of the clan's bios have. However, it could be South America in general since things like Lucha Libre and Day of the Dead are, whilst originating from Mexico, celebrated continentally.

tuesday 25/06/2013

I... never knew that. It should be emphasised more. smiley

monday 24/06/2013

I would go for Graksmxxt. There are better options for Pussycats than Charlie imho.

sunday 23/06/2013

I play it. Been a member since 05/06 without a break lol.

names Aaa Battery if you want to add me.

saturday 22/06/2013

Thanks for the card. smiley

I was only jokeing about giving the best moderator a card but i won't complain Clintz i win usally end up in other giverways and on new blood cards lol smiley

Good luck with whatever you do next.


Her ability is always active unless her bonus is. Her bonus is only active if more than one Leader is in your hand. You do NOT want her bonus because it deactivates her ability.

Assume low pill. Use a low dmg/gap card with +/- power/atk cards. If he bluffs/minimal pillz you get your dmg through for minimal pillz. If he gets through, you play accordingly.

My decks usually have + life in it, so even if I don't SoA him and he gets through, I can still stay above his life gaining gap with + life of my own.

friday 21/06/2013

...If you're saying Deebler was outclassed by Redra, you're wrong. Redra was one of the originals. Deebler, second or third wave.

Herman and Nellie

I hate playing against these two because of the -3 pow. min 4 and the Uppers bonus when I see them in DT I say something like:"Oh sh*t I dont nothing to stop them".

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