sunday 01/05/2011

Trish and Isatis in the same deck is probably a poor decision with all the SoA around.

Just my opinion...

Burdock -> Noodile Cr
Maurice -> Dorian

A deck that requires the brains for it to work properly:
rate up guys thanks!!

This is perfect deck ..

ofcourse for Survivor ELO smiley

I recommend methane instead of anibal..But maybe that depends on my personal playstyle..methane is more stablesmiley..and i would also recomend Bristone instead of'd be surprised how many times a DR wins you a game.

Http:// ...Sorry about it is

saturday 30/04/2011


friday 29/04/2011

Would Glosh be ok?

thursday 28/04/2011

Start following, they have great analysis and strategy

wednesday 27/04/2011

Rate and comment:

It's either a random room changing somehow, it's either A: There a lower star card e.g Wilhem And Yookie therefore Wilhem wins or B: Played first or second in the round. Yookie played first zeke second therefore Yookie wins. Playing first is much more nerve wracking than second. C: Screenshots and let the mods to the rest

tuesday 26/04/2011

Thnx LOA Fine and everyone else

I play rescue elo mostly (when sledg and kerry arnt banned *sigh*) if any clan's bonus needs a nerf it would be rescue why do u think every week for some reason a rescue character get's banned... elvira is prolly gonna be banned next week and she's not even that good people just fear rescue's bonus...

Try for advice

monday 25/04/2011

Can u give me some advice abou my deck?

Improvements anyone on this deck.

Thsnks in advance.

Vortex is better in a half deck. And dont have 2 5*s

sunday 24/04/2011

Awesome thank you Fanta smiley

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