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thursday 16/04/2009

come and join the sequel event to prize fighter!!!!

I could be wrong but aren't lotteries banned?


wednesday 15/04/2009

Please if someone is intersted contact me privatly and not here because i can't always watch the american forum....

The Event is still hiring if players still want to join!

1. Yes, as long as I define myself both as body and soul I can leave my body standing in a place and travel with my mind in another.
2. No, as long as I am speaking about my physical presence in multiple events.
3. Yes, if you manage to reach the speed of light, meaning 300.000 km/s, you can stop the time, according to Einstein Relativity Theorem, and you can move to different places, with the time being frozen - but this is relative. smiley

tuesday 14/04/2009

I think its just deleted ...this is old smiley
lock it , delete it ....or watevah smiley

monday 13/04/2009

13 player are in join so they will be more .smiley

This is my eveNt


-play oNly Old: No pillz
-match is based on the attack of cards
-this event haven't a jeckpot or a prize for the best, sorry
-are banned Rescue
-is banned Hugo
-aren't accepted duble

registratioN is FREE

I wait your subscriptions

Hey dude, i wanted this to be a clan thing, please just accept people from our clan if possible

sunday 12/04/2009

friday 10/04/2009

The hunt has begun its too l8 to join now

thursday 09/04/2009

I have reduced the entry fee to 600

wednesday 08/04/2009

I stupidly forgot LOL http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=6167

Destroy this please
or delete

tuesday 07/04/2009

Your second answer was right, Scarlet.

I will make another puzzle later.

Cool ill join i need a kenny anyway

monday 06/04/2009

4 more days left to sign up!

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