sunday 22/03/2009

And my other one. Prizes almost 80 000clintz in cr cardssmiley

This is my second event, and i would like over 25 ppl to join

the entrance fee is 500 clintz and it a Type 2 Tourney

the only rule is that NO ELO BANNED CARDS


saturday 21/03/2009

friday 20/03/2009

Http:// evry body is wellcome

Ppl it will ends this day be fast and join now.

I'll join - sounds like an interesting game

Rule change: Atleast 50 people are needed before this event ends. 20 people before it starts

my brawl for all to join for 300clintz
type 2

thursday 19/03/2009

Close please .

deleted, the movie that shows the GHEIST's attempt to control Clint City once and for all. Will they make it? Stay tuned!


tuesday 17/03/2009

@ AODdarKNLight -
don't forget Lehane and Lulabee can still kick your ass whitout bonus smiley

The Jackpot is currently at 2280 clintz.!Hurry up.

monday 16/03/2009

★ Iron Tournament ★

Join in, test your ability! smiley

3 player are currently in. Need more to join. Jackpot sitting at a low 600 Clintz

Please join

sunday 15/03/2009

Wow already the end of the day and like 19 players joined

Last day for sign up

My group or event? you can join my event though..

Link doesn't work and a search turns up nothing.

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