sunday 14/07/2013

saturday 13/07/2013

Best way to make fast money is to wait for Friday every two weeks and buy new blood packs.

There was some minutes of a delay in it, but yeah. It fixes it eventually, but not right away.

I'd also play Boohma over Rodney in DT if I want a KO option with Troompah (but I might play both anyways...)

friday 12/07/2013

I would go with Pussycats, Vortex, Piranas, and GHEIST. This is because these clans are known for having expensive cards. You can make some good clintz selling the cards on the market.

You do get a slight experience bonus for winning and I do see people going for it for sure

I was just adding to the topic. smiley

thursday 11/07/2013

40 Credit Elite, got me pretty good cards.

Thanks for the reply smiley

Mission 1 can be done with pussycats but any card with - opp damage can be used like uranus.

Missions 2/3/5 need pussycats.

Mission 4 can be done with you best survivor deck of any clan.

Thanks for reminding this chatroom, I almost forgot about it. Thank you momma merl. :*

Indicate your names btw and please beware of xc is bad lul.
In case he bullies anyone who will be joining the chatroom, please contact me. smileysmileysmiley

That explains why he quadrupled olded me smiley

wednesday 10/07/2013

Easier trick is to just 2-4 pill round one. Normally she counters with an 8-10 pill, thus giving you an easily winnable 2x pill advantage.

Essentially, yes, that should be the case. Though, as you said, it is extremely unlikely.

Reduce that amount of damage with a card thats says -X opp Dam min Y and lose that round

tuesday 09/07/2013

Going deep,if you want to win some cr,have a nickname starting with alphabet . Play during 6pm-12PM for a great chance . And love kate.

Everything alright now

monday 08/07/2013

Doesn't work anymore, does anybody know any other tools like the one mentioned by Zin?

Ok so
My deck now is


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