sunday 22/09/2013

Nope you cant

Scoring 5 of the most expensive pack-obtainable cards on this game allows you to buy roughly 1,5 full clans.

Giving some of the most expensive cards to players does not make them rich at all. Thats at most 10% worth of full non-CR collection. Thats pennies.

Making average pack more valuable would not have real effect on game, except it would give new players more incentive to get packs because there would not be absurdly bad cards there, allowing them to form good decks faster (aka = enjoy the game).

This game delivers utterly useless cards that never see the playfield. Thats just bad policy.

Ok that has cleared that up for me, one active at a time coupled with the max is what hp you must below. Thanks for the reply.

thursday 19/09/2013

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Sir B00BY

I think there should be a forfeit button. a forfeit button that counts as a ko for the opponent. sometimes i dont feel like waiting for somebody to sit there and take their sweet time wasting me when i know ive lost after the first round. and not being able to play for 15 mins after 3 TO or abandoning the fight. i'll admit i abandon fights like crazy when im on a crappy streak. But i never time out a battle on purpose. so i think a forfeit button would be perfect

wednesday 18/09/2013

Apologise for bad written reply.. cannot keep my head straight 5 in the morning lol!

*yonex also uses this type of numbering

*and then also notice the last 2 number...

Also Praxie > Snowflake

monday 16/09/2013

Nvm i just had to change my spoof

El divino and noctezuma are going to be joining that list soon.

But i warned you guys,people were either going to vote more or split their votes to ban huracan cards,so you cant act too surprised that it's happening.

The game-play in general and especially the tournies..

Blaaster is still a great card. But besides that I agree with what you're saying. smiley

sunday 15/09/2013

If there was a better artist doing them, it would get a warmer reception.

@SUOLLAC: As interesting as that could be, it gets confusing enough with four cards in a hand sometimes, so all eight cards might not be the best decision when you consider the gameplay system.

@DeepEnd: I imagine a few people would go for that and it does sound good, but it wouldn't work for me personally. Even with the incentive of seeing my opp's blind cards, I'm someone who likes to be able to see my own cards when I want or need to.

friday 13/09/2013

@Deepend: What you said makes sense. But let's see, if 20 people each own 200 copies, the probability that they would co-operate is much higher, since they have a control over large market share (2 people = 400 copies!) as compared to 200 people each owning 20 copies, where their co-operate will create a lesser impact on the market (20 people = 400 copies).

@TGAP-Trixie: I don't see the limit of market sale, unless it is that white page that block me from entering the market - but I am still able to sell my cards.

Vickie cr. Yes, her awesomeness is beyond words.

Splata cr would be second on the list. But like what you've mentioned, 5* is hard to fit.
Lamar cr is next on the list. But there is might be a better substitute depending on your deck.
Kerozinn cr. Yoshida can replace her if you don't mind the 1 power difference in raw stats.
Miss Twice cr. 'Cause she's better than the bottom 2.
Tessa cr. Totally not worthy.
Elya cr. Too shaky, and there are better 3 stars if you look carefully.

As for Marlysa cr, she is always on top of my list - my queen.
Although plenty of new releases are actually stronger compared to her, Lea - Mindy - Sasha for instance, she still shine bright like a diamond, and her artwork is beautiful. smiley

That, and the reprisal makes him easy prey for the few "common" courage cards out there (sting, michael, and niva being the more prominent ones). smiley

thursday 12/09/2013

It's for guild rankings

wednesday 11/09/2013

Huracan, Frozn, La Junta and if you want nightmare....

Now is an awful time to buy Emeth, but some intellectually challenged people do it anyway. Whereas next monday when Emeth Cr is official his price will take a small step down.


Sry smiley

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