monday 02/03/2009

1st beat readtherules competition
200 to enter
win 1 battle to get some clintz (depends on # of players and # of winners)

This event is OVER!!!!!!

Mods please destroy it!

sunday 01/03/2009

I think this thread can be closed now.. event is over... CLOSE PLEASE

Close please

Enter for your chance to join the best of the best

friday 27/02/2009


Winner receives a New Blood pack when new cards come out on 13-Mar-09 and 50% of Jackpot. It is T1 no random. You must only use characters that are available in New Blood packs and you can not use more than three cards from the same clan. There is a list of approved characters with the event rules.

I do apologise! This Event's Scoring Rules were never up-dated. I forgot to save them the first time around. This Event has been up-dated and is still recruiting. I am going to give till the 29th of Feb and then this Event shall begin

thursday 26/02/2009

Punchit - it starts in 2 and a half hours (8 PM Server time).

elchew - it seems they do not have enough Strynge. Do you?

Hello all,

this may not be the appropriate place to pose the question, but here it goes..

Can someone enlighten me about the Weekly ELO Tournament? I mean, I think I got to understand most of the game logic (bonus points, XP and fights) but I surely do not understand fully ELO.

The explanation is quite elaborate, but I dont think it adds something about the Weekly Tournament, for instance. More to that, the ELO rank gets reset at the start of the week, meaning Monday 00:01? Last thing, messages seem to be getting delayed... is there any reward after 5 complete fights in ELO tournaments, like there is for Type1 tournaments?

Many thanks in advance for all your support! smiley

wednesday 25/02/2009

The registration is open for 4 days. Hope to see more players there. smiley

If anyone is ever down for this, let me know...

And let it be known that I lost 3/4 matches. smiley

tuesday 24/02/2009

Prizes have been set.

monday 23/02/2009

The event was closed.

Maybe close ths thread?

Event begins in about 12 hours. accepting registration till then or once the first match is played... whichever is later

You must be lvl 40 before you can create tournaments
If there is someone in your guild of lvl 40 or higher they may do it
otherwise your out of luck

deleted new event i made entrance fee is 800 clintz first place takes 50% second takes 20% third gets 10% and one player in the top 8 will recieve lin xia as a prize starts march first ends march 22nd as long as you speak english/spanish you can join the event without problesm but if you have a translator or something you can join as well. (si necesitan que se lo tradusca a espanol diganme)

sunday 22/02/2009

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Join join join

They should drop It to 35 no lower

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