saturday 31/08/2013

Los Santos means The Saints. In the context of GTA, it's a parody of Los Angeles (The Angels). In the context of UR, it's heavily implied to be a Central or South American country. Different place, same name, like how there's a character called Pyro in both UR and TF2.

5/4/3/3/3/3/2/2 is very balanced especially in half decks (5/3/3/2 + 4/3/3/2).

friday 30/08/2013

Coliseum for the link

and i think its true

thursday 29/08/2013

Don't mean to sound rude, but snoop in the forums a little bit. You'll probably find your answer.

They can make betting a mode, therefore preventing scams (people will do it, so they might as well try to protect the people doing it?). Offer cards up for trade, then both players must agree what they are betting and a selected format (ELO, standard 25, or whatever format). The cards and/or clintz are put into a pool and winner takes all.

The people will then be able to know if a player really is betting, and they know the risk ('cuz the card will leave their collection and only come back if they win).

wednesday 28/08/2013

Well i use sharon and moses in my deck, so yea... btw i wasnt here when bella ld was created so i dont know the specifics... sigh, oh well...

tuesday 27/08/2013


saturday 24/08/2013

Futoshi Ld.

Street Fighter reference? Yes.
"Legendary art"? Yes.


Thanks guys, I really appreciate all this help smiley I love using the Pussycats, just didn't know who else they sync well with

friday 23/08/2013

If you are a Piranas/Nightmare players your bonus stops the bonus before they can stop your ability

Example: Hawk vs Taylor
Taylor has SoB (as ability) , Hawk has Soa (as ability)
Hawk stops the ability before taylor can stop your bonus.

You just need to learn to work with it, but if you know it, it's easy

Check to see if you have the latest version of Flash Player... that is what sounds like the problem...

Some fans on Deviantart's UR fanclub have done some various Mr. Clint Cities if that helps:

Yes i know i also play DT that that same time or related to that times DT smiley

But i played on 2 Dt's in my life of this game ( actually on 10 days in this game ) smiley

Yeah, thank you smiley

thursday 22/08/2013

Clintz= budget, Generally find cards you consider effective and within that budget.

Either for all 8 cards of the same clan (mono) or 4 cards from 2 different clans (half).

Why yet another such thread?

Please take off caps lock in future messages. smiley

wednesday 21/08/2013

Thank you very much

No I wasn't, I just added the ones I don't have to the value of my non-cr collection reffering to

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