saturday 31/01/2009

Tournament for the low level 5 to level 20 lucky

friday 30/01/2009

1. fanscript 1
2. fanscript 8
3. fanscript 5

thursday 29/01/2009

I'll start this tourney when the popularity picks up a bit more. Until then, I'm going to pester you all until more interest arises. smiley


Beginner's Luck (

We're up to 24 players, and set to start once February hits. Check it out!

Premise - Lower level players start with a few bonus points. Decks are limited to cards that anyone might have access to. Any questions, feel free to drop me a line. ;-]


wednesday 28/01/2009


Price: 500

Read the rules smiley
And please join

Starts tommoro

Close this thread please

tuesday 27/01/2009

Everyone join if you like using leaders in this fun event

monday 26/01/2009

30th Question released smiley

Join and expand your knowledge smiley

sunday 25/01/2009

We always open Not the same decks To the Imagination, for a tournament where is important it also trains him' and not only the fortune
Rescue Uppers Junkz Sentinel Sakrom

It will start in 24 hours. Join while you cansmiley

saturday 24/01/2009

friday 23/01/2009

1 message borad
2 edd, rosa
3 murray

Am i too late to join? also, what is the entry fee?

Lock it or delete it

thursday 22/01/2009

Kreen will be given as a prize if 2 more players join

wednesday 21/01/2009

Evry body is wellcome

This tourney has begun. It is no longer accepting entrants. This topic may be deleted. Thank you.

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