sunday 08/02/2009 tell the truth I hardly care for praise....just do what I do for fun.

I thank those that are inspired by me (in one form or another) and all I can say is I hope you enjoy my stories and learn something from them.

I would also like to congradulate the winner of this event and despite a few unorthidox methods within this against said rules the contest was run smoothly and went without a hitch. I hope in the future that this contest may at least be performed once more either a year or so from now. If not, that is fine by me too.

With all this said and done, I think that is all I have to say on this matter.

Signed: SimonW.

saturday 07/02/2009

Euzebe has created probably the most attractive tournament of this month - Founders Championship -
Founders of each guild can join the Euzebe's event and play for great prices. Who will be the winner, the number one ? Make a bet and take your share of the jackpot !!!

Everyone can join and make a bet !

If you want to bet 1000 clints, just join and then send me to my mailbox the name of player, who will be from your point of view the winner of Founders Championship. If you are right, you will take your share of the jackpot.

Lets join us in the BETTING -

Hi guys!
here is my first event!!! smiley
bob's first take all

500 entry fee
no random

2 stages

first stage
23 star deck
classic biclan 4 + 4
no leader
no elo banned
no doubles
no cr
no rescue

2nd stage
work in progress smiley

prize: the first take all!! 4000 - kate's 5%


friday 06/02/2009

Join, i need more sheeple

thursday 05/02/2009

Sorry, i accidentally posted twice. i thought the first wasn't going to show up

mods, you can close this one, thanks

The ultimate battle is about to take place in UR. Up to 1000 players will be in it. Think you can be the best? Join and find out!


wednesday 04/02/2009


Stats at start : 12 life 0 Pillz

Type : 1 decks.


40% of pot to 1st place
30% of pot to 2nd place
15% of pot to 3rd place
10% of pot to me
5% of pot to Kate

Entrence fee : 400

If you use +pillz cards you cannot use those pillz

I Think He Means EVENT ..

Yes , Please Join .

tuesday 03/02/2009

I made an event that is for Moderators/Administrators only!


monday 02/02/2009

Any filipnios strong oens plz join deleted
we r needing u during this period
kamusta! bonjour! hola! hi!

Now up to 30 players in the competition but I'm still looking for more to take part. Remember, the more players we have, the higher the prizes are going to be!

sunday 01/02/2009

Somebody should just close this, it's over already

Wat chikko cr is worth over 9k.

Ahh we meet again this is for feb 14 ends sometime

you make love poems or haiku's random card

you can make up to how many poems you want

Your blood will taste like candy
This post copyright © cloud sw Co. 2009 ™ All Rights Reserved.
Violation punishable by my minions, sqiddy,
and sta*ler or how ever u spell his name

saturday 31/01/2009

deleted is a lotery of one kolos smiley

Tournament for the low level 5 to level 20 lucky

friday 30/01/2009

1. fanscript 1
2. fanscript 8
3. fanscript 5

thursday 29/01/2009

I'll start this tourney when the popularity picks up a bit more. Until then, I'm going to pester you all until more interest arises. smiley

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