sunday 14/10/2018

saturday 13/10/2018

Step 1: Learn French (well, it’s probably not 100% needed, but it cannot hurt)
Step 2; Learn a few programming languages (to be a programer) or practice drawing till good (to be an artist)
Step 3: Through a series of machiavellian events, ‘accidentally’ run into UR staff, befriend them, and create a job opening through any means you desire.
Step 4: Convince them to give you that job.
Step 5: Profit

friday 12/10/2018

0 Xavi 'Roots have the best All Stop in the game, Shakra'

No Love

Nahi Cr is really good too, she's a Roots so there we go.

On topic, GHEIST is a damage clan where you threaten your enemy to gain an advantage with every card. E.g. big hitters like that Brawl +damage 3* card, high damage low power attack manip like Arkn and Defeat: cards like Koshiro. These all pressure your enemy and quickly create advantages over them.

Instead Roots has a different defensive style, Roots has a few decent attack manipulators also, but with lower damage. It's mainly stalling with DRs and walls while trying to land 1 big hit with a defensively powerful card, such as Brody, Gretchen, Ellie. Like GHEIST Roots has many cards to slowly create an advantage over your enemy but instead of threatening your enemy with big damage to bait pillz like GHEIST, Roots creates a life gap advantage with forks, DRs, heals, life manip in general. E.G. Leliana, the 3* 8/1 Victory or Defeat +2 life card, Flora, Willow etc.

thursday 11/10/2018

Well for Krazan ld his update history had him as +pwr, heal, +life or +/-atk manipulation
So I think we should move away from heal and + life now that I think about it since he was already in those positions and it didn't make him that much more playable.
I'd say a good DR or defeat life BUT Roots have had a bad history with getting their low level drs and defeat +life cards banned no matter how bad that card's stats were. Looking at you arno fiora and Jeena.
We can also pick an ability that isn't represented
Personally I find atk manipulation bonus clans to be the biggest pain in the butt for roots and the majority of atk maniplators in roots have average or subpar manipulation since they have really odd numbers like the newest card with +1 atk.
So maybe cancel atk manipulation 8/4 yes it would eclipse Noodile Cr but would it really be that much of a lost to replace a no ability card as old as this game? this change makes him a much more stable wall without overly relying on conditions that many of the other changes had i.e confidence, support, equalizer and brawl.

wednesday 10/10/2018

sunday 07/10/2018

Yaman. = # Yaman without the space.

I would not recommend using this method to connect to a card or an aspect within the Urban Rivals site itself such as a Guild/Card/Player Name/Urban Rivals Event or Urban Rivals thread just to name a few as it can sometimes be difficult to manage.

saturday 06/10/2018

It's starting to be a fake controversy lol

thursday 04/10/2018

Ok, it worked - ty

He needs to be lv 21

tuesday 02/10/2018

Finishing moves are supposed to be coming back in the next big game update. The update is going to re-do the in-game interface, and (I believe) once a month, staff are releasing a set of background/battlefield, battle music, and animations themed to a clan. Downside is, each set will cost 300 credits. Everyone will get Bangers for free (it will be the standard set), and the first set to be released is GHEIST.

monday 01/10/2018

I am a member since '12 and yeah i was really into this game for a while but then i phased outta it. Now nostalgia brings me back not for the first time for some more. Whats up guys? And who remembers that controversial thread say no to 9 powerssmiley

I think it is up to you really as long as it fits in the lore of the clan.

For Riotspolis, a University Roles list is appropriate or Jungo a Zoo Encyclopaedia is worthwhile.

Pussycats: Pink Bar Patrons?
Sentinel" Sentinel Forces?
Vortex: Vortex Empire?

These are suggestions, but how you design them is totally up to you really.

As for those threads, I can edit them later if you cannot fit everything in one post.

sunday 30/09/2018

Jigi x Chasey. I like me some scissors smiley

saturday 29/09/2018

Yeah probably. Thanks a bunch!

friday 28/09/2018

Maybe he's pulling a Cannibal Jo Cr

wednesday 26/09/2018


I have two questions. The page seems to only work when you select 'by activity', the other buttons like 'by elo' do not seem it work. Also, I have the new Mt Grakblabla, however Sahkrom still shows 0/1 Mt (I know I am early haha).


Also exchange was an ability from fantasy rivals,it is a mix of two other abilities:
Copy and impose
Copy I think a lot of ur players know it,if a card have copy opp damage, it's damage would be equal to the oponent's
Impose it's the oposite:if a card have impose damage,the oponent would have the same damage as him,for instance: the best card of this kind was Patrician Suplicious,a 5* 6/4 impose power and damage/power and damage +3. He would force the oponent to have his base stats while rising his own, therefore the oponent would be an 6/4 while Suplicious a 9/7.
And there the exchange the fusion between the two,it would give the oponent a "copy" ability to mirror your stats,while copying theirs,like Valhalla,she has 2 and her power could be seen as copy opp damage+opp copy your damage

I'll bring this thread up for anyone who is still confused how exchange mechanics work in the game.

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