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monday 02/11/2015

Took so long for people to realise pussycats needs diana and don't need lucy.

He is a mediocre card..

personally i wont play it coz vortex got 3 very good 4* cards
Dagg Cr T Gank X0dus are sooo goodsmiley

saturday 31/10/2015

Popular clans would probably be Raptors, Roots, Frozn, Ulu Watu, Berzerk, Uppers

You should be fine playing Rescue on weeks when the big Raptors cards are banned, and Piranas are fine when Parmabarb is unbanned.

wednesday 28/10/2015

Striker aamir Jessie Mulligan
Elvis (revok?) konrad lola leopold

monday 26/10/2015

Current ELO is a damn mess trying to climb it.
Their might not be any Mono Junta, but crap
Their is so much random stuff going around; and the BAD part is that STILL so many 50/50's!!

Sakrohm is a no-no

Just run Frozn half or Rescue mono w Campbell

saturday 24/10/2015

You posted in the wrong thread, lol. But since this thread has long since been hijacked I'll go ahead and respond, cuz it was also me you and E10din talking in the other thread...

There's always something that can beat you but honestly you don't see Roots that much in T2 Survivor either so it's not worth avoiding. Plus Roots aren't aren't exactly a 'great' counter for Sak because I mean you still have a slight edge in attack manipulation. Like I said before you should be using a Leader (which, again, is why you don't see many Rescue decks and the ones you do see are just having fun,) so you can consider Morphun and Graks to be offensive against Roots. Yes, if you draw Uranus, he is kinda a dead card, but nobody says you can't use him for a sneak KO.

thursday 22/10/2015

@Spikey 13, that is very good advice actually smiley

Thanks! smiley

monday 19/10/2015

Try using Junkz with your pill manipulation pirahnas.

Spirit of the game is only a salient argument when playing with friends.

sunday 18/10/2015

She pretty popular in my group of friends that play irl.

that said imo micken moose and treeman better

friday 16/10/2015

8 messages

I meant to put qubik instead of d4 funk oops.

tuesday 13/10/2015

I hope you understood the point of leaving now..

as bok said, no need to say sorry.
you asked a doubt and we answered it.. smiley

friday 09/10/2015

Skullface Cr is the best card ever smiley

wednesday 07/10/2015

I meant underpowered lol. but I'm trying to get to 1300 anyways.

monday 05/10/2015

Jiro to tremorth and you have a 1400 deck. glsmiley

wednesday 30/09/2015

@metroman this is it.. 1481 for me Spoilt Riches

spiaghi> saltsberg
gail ld-> Jose star would do.

Harold -> Sean east / crystelle

would be better

sunday 27/09/2015

I wish UR tracked draws in your overall record. But no draws are not losses. they can be wins too smiley All depends on who you draw with.

friday 25/09/2015

Back when facing a lot of wooly.

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