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tuesday 06/09/2011

In regards to your deck, maybe you can try splashing dacote instead of uranus, for that 1hko against soa

monday 05/09/2011

If you opponent has kolos their is one on his or her mind and that is to finsh u but the best cards are ones that reduce damage so then they try to avoid contact with that card or ones thayt have greater power as the opponent is going to use 10 pillz, so you need to make sure that your attack is higher, this is how beat kolos

I played roots a little and for me nightmare worked great because of pan, kenny and other life cards and with the addition of artus they to have a good dr.

sunday 04/09/2011

Im sorry but the deck no longer exists (unless its made by anuther player and you were just posting it, i tryed to find it by looking at all the presets you made but it dosn't show up).

saturday 03/09/2011

Overall: 9/10

Not bad, But will struggle against the Alpha clans in DM T1 smiley

I dont like shogunn either, but loocio is real powerhouse

friday 02/09/2011

Its all personal choices i just give suggestions.

Ok just Griezzo to Edd then.

thursday 01/09/2011

Well if u keep pressin the refresh button every 30-50 sec u wont be kicked.

Its a good deck bro smiley

monday 29/08/2011

If possible i would change Manfred to Caelus Cr and Chiara to Ambre.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=1996599" and change the = to :

sunday 28/08/2011

Battery seems so famous here in this subj.
Gj pal smiley

That was scary smiley

saturday 27/08/2011

I would personally change Eadh to Phyllis.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, then you only copy the "preset=1992801" and change the = to :

thursday 25/08/2011


Thanks for the well detailed info, I guess I'll try modifications.

wednesday 24/08/2011

But Sunder is a seriously awesome bluff card smiley

I'm sure he meant DM, just like when he said "Nice troll thread" I'm sure he meant "Super A+ deck, bro guy!"

tuesday 23/08/2011

Thanks for the feedback again everyone smiley

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